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5 Easy Ways to Manage Spring Allergies

5 Easy Ways to Manage Spring Allergies

Keep sniffing and sneezing? Learn how to effectively manage annoying seasonal allergies this spring.

Spring is undoubtedly one of the best seasons. We get to see colorful flowers bloom, get to bask in the warm sunshine, and enjoy the fresh breeze. However, to some people, spring is the worst season because they become symptomatic with allergies as a result of pollen in the air released by trees, weeds, and grass.

Thankfully, there are various ways to manage spring allergies. Stop the suffering; here are ways to lessen the sneezing, sniffing, and watery eyes:

1. Take ginseng supplements daily.

According to a medical journal on Korean red ginseng published in 2020, Korean red ginseng can help reduce allergic symptoms in individuals that suffer from allergic rhinitis. The doctor-authors of this journal found that the herb exhibited anti-allergic actions similar to those of antihistamines. With that said, taking ginseng supplements like CheongKwanJang’s Extract Limited will not only help you boost your immune system and energy levels but will also lessen allergic symptoms. This supplement contains 100% of the best Korean red ginseng and boasts a rich, distinct flavor, perfect for those who believe that “bitter is better.”

2. Stay indoors, especially in the morning.

This next tip is definitely easy as we have become used to staying at home due to the pandemic. Instead of taking outside morning walks as exercise, walk the interior perimeter of your house, go up and down the stairs, do yoga stretches, or, if the budget allows, invest in a good treadmill. Going outdoors during spring, especially in the morning, will trigger your allergies, as the pollen count peaks during this time of day.

3. Keep doors and windows closed.

Ventilation is important, but it’s best to keep your doors and windows closed during spring whenever possible to keep the allergens out of the house. You can open them up for a few minutes in the afternoon to get fresh air, but never do it in the morning when pollen count peaks.

4. Invest in a good air purifier.

As mentioned earlier, good ventilation is important. But if you’re too paranoid about opening up doors and windows to replace the air in your home, use an air purifier to clean the air. Along with allergens, this device can also help you get rid of viruses and germs in the air. Plus, you can keep the home smelling fresh and homey using the essential oils of your choice.

5. Clean often.

Cleaning often prevents the build-up of pollen, dirt, and dust that may trigger your allergies. Check under your bed for dust bunnies, clean your vents, bookshelves, and other places where these allergens can collect. Vacuum your sofa, rugs, and carpet, and change your bed sheets and pillowcases often. Do not forget to clean your air conditioner’s filters as well; otherwise, your AC will just blow right back the allergens into the house. After cleaning, take a shower to remove the pollen and other allergens that may have gotten stuck on your skin and hair.

The takeaway

These spring allergies are unavoidable, but following these five tips will definitely help you manage the symptoms and lessen your suffering. It also helps to wear a mask if you really need to get out of the house, especially in the morning. The same is true with spring cleaning, so you don’t risk yourself inhaling the dust and dirt you’re getting rid of.

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