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The Finest Ingredient Made With The Utmost Care

There are no shortcuts to the finest 'JungKwanJang' ingredients. We do it rightly & honestly, in the most traditional yet scientific way possible.

Korea Ginseng Corp was founded in 1899, and we have been focusing on one single ingredient "Ginseng" ever since. From our 125 years of history, knowledge and research, we derived the most optimal way to consume ginseng, and to maximize this meticulous herbal root's functional benefits.

We believe in providing the most potent & highest quality ingredients, in order to provide the safest & most efficacious product to the final consumer. That is why we approach the full value chain - from soil to final raw ingredient - in the most honest and natural method possible.

G1899 Agriscience


We are the true partner of farmers through providing the best quality seeds and farming solutions for ginseng farming.

We conduct extensive research and apply our advanced seed breeding & crop protection technologies, work with farmers to find & test optimal soil conditions for ginseng farming, and also provide constant training and financial support to improve farming productivity and harvest. We work to increase grower's yields and maximize a successful harvest.

Each seed, soil & cultivation of ginseng starts with G1899 agriscience.

1 .Soil

2 Years for Creating the Best Soil Condition

JungKwanJang meticulously selects ginseng cultivation sites considering various important factors. Thereafter, a 2-year process of soil management is undertaken to cultivate the finest ginseng.

2. Seed & Seedling

Purification for Superior Ginseng

JungKwanJang rigorously selects and maintains high-quality, purebreed seeds with 23 patented varieties, including UPOV registration and adherence to ISO standards for seed labeling.

(*Non-GMO, Purification)

3. Cultivation

Partnerships With Farmers + Extensive Research

JungKwanJang provides the latest technology for free to enable farmers to cope with the ever-changing climate and soil via various farming support programs. We work to increase grower's yields and maximize harvests.


We apply our over a century knowledge, experience and science into the processing of our ginseng ingredient. We gather the whole body of ginseng root and only the body, to capture the complete benefits of a single root. Extracted in a way that you consume the whole ginseng root, closest to its original form & ratio, providing the most bioavailable optimal spectrum at its highest natural form.

Red Ginseng Transformation

Enriching the Concentrated Vitality of Ginseng

Red Ginseng refers to fresh ginseng harvested from fields, steamed, and then dried.

Through this process, various beneficial compounds are enriched giving access to the full spectrum of the ginseng root and maximizing its efficacies.

Water Extraction

Ensuring Full Extraction of Non-Saponin Compounds

Due to the abundance of active ingredients in ginseng, G1899 focuses on the purity of water in its research to completely encapsulate the numerous active ingredients present in ginseng.

Concentration & Optimizing Process

Intensifying Ginseng's Energy

Preserving ingredients through JungKwanJang's unique temperature and time.

Focusing on one single ingredient, ginseng, we apply our knowledge to best extract and maximize its benefits from each of our processing stages. Our know-how on the production process, optimized temperature, optimized time in each of its stages come together to enrich ginseng components, quality, and flavor. A combined application of MSCE* & MBE** processes along with our extraction experience makes our ginseng extract unlike any other.

*MSCE: Multi-Stage Countercurrent Extraction

**MBE: Modified Batch-Type Extraction

We have set our internal standard with ginseng's 13 Ginsenosides and Red Ginseng Polysaccharides. Setting such higher efficacy standard is what makes us different. Although this makes the processing and stable production hundred times more difficult, this is what makes our raw ingredient more potent and efficacious than our competition.

Ginseng's natural variability makes this feat challenging, particularly with the complex standardization of red ginseng polysaccharides. This achievement sets G1899 apart, showcasing our unparalleled dedication and competitive edge.

Our own standardization and scientific findings are back by our in-house research team and 3rd party medical communities.

1. G1899's Own Marker Compounds

We have established our own standardization for 13 Ginsenosides and Red Ginseng Polysaccharides. This challenging process results in an ingredient that is for more potent and effective than our competitors.

With our world's largest in-house R&D facility dedicated solely to Red Ginseng, we have attained the highest level of knowledge about this medicinal herb. Our clinical research with our G1899 standardized ingredients has yielded significant results, proving that not all ginseng is the same.

2. G1899's Own Standardization: Pharma Grade Standardization At Every Step

JungKwanJang has endured not because it's the oldest, but because it's the best. With over 410 patents and 320+ research papers in collaboration with the global medical community,

JungKwanJang's reputation is fueled by an unrelenting passion for ginseng research and development.

G1899 exhibits immunomodulatory properties, enhancing immune cell activation to fortify the body's defense mechanisms. It helps to sustain healthy immunity levels for the general population. For those who have low immune levels, such as AIDs & cancer, it serves as a supportive agent for immune maintenance, while assisting in the regulation of inflammation in cases of inflammatory disorders.

G1899 aids in energy enhancement by inhibiting the production of fatigue-inducing compounds in muscle cells, delayed decrease in muscle protein, and addressing both physical and mental fatigue.

G1899 enhances circulation by improving endothelial function, regulating blood pressure, protein platelet aggregation- a professional approach to optimizing vascular health.

G1899 safeguards nerve cells against external stimuli, contributing to improved memory and serving as a preventative measure against age-related conditions like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.


G1899 and its facilities have undergone the most extensive 3rd party inspections and safety assessments in our industry

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