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5 Things to Keep Kids Healthy

5 Things to Keep Kids Healthy

Here are some parenting tips to encourage kids to stay healthy and clean.

Caring for a sick child is difficult, especially if they become very clingy -- all other tasks for the day, including household chores and work stuff, will have to be paused. That is why keeping kids clean healthy is one of the priorities of parents. Boosting immunity is very important, much more so with the younger kids.

Besides giving them nutritious food, here are other things that you can do to encourage the kids to stay clean and healthy:

Always, and we mean, always remind them to wash their hands.

wash their hands

So what if they get annoyed? Washing hands with soap frequently is the best way to prevent the spread of bacteria, germs, and viruses. Tell them to wash their hands thoroughly before meals, after sneezing or coughing, after using the bathroom, and after playing with pets. Put up signs around the house if you need to! Explain to the little ones that this is the best way to keep them safe from bad viruses that will prevent them from playing with their favorite toys.

Make them drink herbal supplements.

drink herbal supplements

Stop giving them powdered juice drinks, go with liquid herbal supplements instead. Although herbal supplements are not a cure for any disease, they are great for supporting healthy well-being. Believe it or not, ginseng supplements are also great for children. KGCUS’ i-Kicker Apple and i-Kicker Grape, for example, contain the best Korean red ginseng that has been matured for six years. And because it contains natural fruit extracts, they taste great, absolutely perfect for the kids who have picky palates! i-Kicker is one good way to make the kids drink something healthy minus the power struggle and tantrums.

Make them eat healthy snacks.

Make them eat healthy snacks

Medical experts say that a healthy diet is the foundation of good health, especially with the kids. So aside from cooking healthy meals for them, offer fruits and veggies as snacks. Fruits limit the kids' exposure to unhealthy sugars, and vegetables are packed with so much nutrition. You can also turn them into healthy smoothies and shakes to make consumption more enjoyable.

Allow them to express their emotions.

express their emotions

Not all parents know that poor emotional health can weaken a kid’s immune system. Kids with poor emotional health are more susceptible to common colds and other sicknesses. You can boost their immunity by acknowledging their feelings and respecting them. Allow them space and time to feel their emotions. And instead of saying, “it will be okay,” say “I’m sorry you are feeling that way, what do you think we should do?” Words like this will not just reassure them, but will also allow them to totally express themselves.

Make them have a good, quality sleep at night.

quality sleep at night

The general sleep time rule for toddlers is around 12 hours; kids aged three to six is 10 to 12 hours; kids aged seven to 12 years old is 10 to 11 hours. Sleep at night allows the body restores and repairs itself, making it very important for immunity. You can promote a better night’s sleep with a routine that includes a bath and a bedtime story. For the bigger kids, a routine may include a nightly pep talk and some me-time time.

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