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Back To School: Ways to Boost your Immunity as a Teacher

Back To School: Ways to Boost your Immunity as a Teacher
Getting back to school can be overwhelming to the students, parents and especially the teachers who are entrusted with the responsibility of educating students and ensuring that the environment in which they are designed to learn is one that upholds the safety of each individual student. Teachers are the backbone to the educational system and as such must prioritize their own immunity so that they can remain healthy for the children they educate. 

Teachers may be responsible for as many as thirty or more students at any given time; and children despite even their best intentions are carriers of many different bacteria and viruses. Children are exposed to and spread many different common bacterial infections and common viral infections to each other; so as one can determine, this can result in an increased rate of spread among children within the entirety of the school.  As one child gets the cold (viral or bacterial), he/she then interacts with the other children in the class, who then interact with others at lunch and/or recess; and then finally before the end of the school day the majority of students, faculty and staff have all been exposed to the common cold. 

While washing one’s hands and engendering other modalities of sanitation can help to prevent the spread of disease and illness, the best way to prevent one from acquiring these illnesses after exposure is to ensure that you, yourself are healthy. The best way to prioritize your health is to strengthen your immune system. Korea Ginseng Corp produces ginseng supplements that are the most potent among those on the market today.  Korea Ginseng Corp produces 6 year Korean Red Ginseng that has been used for Eastern medicine for many centuries to boost immunity, through strengthening both arms of the immune system.

What is the Immune System?

The immune system is a complex system within the human body that functions to protect the individual from outside insults that can result in illness. There are two different arms to the immune system: the innate immune system and the adaptive or acquired immune system. 

The innate immunity arm of the immune system is the first line of defense that the immune system has to foreign invaders such as bacteria or viruses.  These foreign invaders are often referred to as antigens. Antigens can be bacteria and/or viruses. The innate immune system is made up of primarily barriers such as the skin, mucus membranes, acidic pH of the gastric system.  Also included in the innate immune system make-up are phagocytic cells and natural killer cells which play specific important roles in the elimination of these antigens.  The innate immune system, once an antigen has been identified stimulates a response by releasing certain complement proteins and other inflammatory mediators that work hard to eliminate the bacteria and/or virus. The innate immune system is just as it sounds: the immune system in which we are all born (Kang, 2012).

The second component of the immune system is the adaptive or acquired immune system. This arm of the immune system is constantly being fine tuned as we are exposed to different environmental antigens over time. The adaptive or acquired arm of the immune system is an antigen-antibody system in which the human body makes antibodies to specific antigens upon exposure.  It also creates a memory profile of these antigen exposures by creating memory cells.  These memory lymphocytes then allow for a faster immune response time if exposed to the same antigen a second or third time. This part of the immune system is very specific and continues to be fine tuned as exposure to antigens continue to occur on a daily basis (Kang, 2012).  

Korean Red Ginseng 

Korean Red Ginseng has been used for centuries as a means to boost the immune system by those who practice Eastern medicine. Korean Red Ginseng is a proven immune modulator. These roots have been used for centuries as a means to maintain immune equilibrium and homeostasis while promoting resistance to illness. By boosting the immune system, one prevents the effects of these bacteria and viruses; which otherwise would not be prevented (Kang, 2012).

Korea Ginseng Corp has developed products that provide benefits to all those who take their health and wellness seriously.  For those who like to incorporate their health benefits with a morning tea or latte, Korea Ginseng Corp has developed Red Ginseng Latte and Korean Red Ginseng Instant Tea to provide a flavorful blend of six-year old Korean Red Ginseng. For those individuals who wish to get the most concentrated Korean Red Ginseng, CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng Extract provides the most pure and concentrated form of the six-year-old premium Korean Red Ginseng roots available. Finally, there are also supplements available in capsule form for those who wish to add Korean Red Ginseng to their health plan to boost immunity.


It has never been more important than in today’s society, to take charge of your health and wellness. Making your health a priority is the first step to a healthy life and a healthy community. Let’s all do our part and prioritize our health.

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