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Cheon Nok Sam: Immune Health

Cheon Nok Sam: Immune Health

As one year comes to a close, a new year begins. As the new year begins, new hopes and resolutions surface of how we can better ourselves in a variety of areas within our lives. As the new year begins, it is essential to reflect back on the previous year to determine how we can improve our self-care and prioritize our own health and wellness. Maintaining one’s health is essential, especially in this time where despite the new year we are still facing after effects associated with the global pandemic.

Boost Immune Health and Wellness

There are many ways to improve one’s health and wellness, including:  exercise, eating a healthy diet and incorporating ginseng supplements that will promote immune health.  While each of these processes individually can provide benefit to one’s health, a combination of all three can result in great benefit to overall immune health.  

Korea Ginseng Corp has been trusted with providing the consumer with the best Korean Red Ginseng for many years.  These ginseng supplements are the best supplements for immune system.

Immune System

Keeping the immune system healthy is essential to maintaining overall health, wellness and self-care throughout the year. The immune system has two major components that must remain healthy for proper functioning:  the innate immune system and the adaptive (acquired) immune system.  

The innate immune system is the portion of the immune system that physically creates barriers to keep our bacteria and viruses in order to prevent infection and illness. The other portion of the immune system is the adaptive (acquired) immune system. The adaptive (acquired) immune system is the portion of the immune system that develops as we grow and are exposed to more environmental pathogens. In order to maintain our overall health, we must maintain the health of our immune system. Without a healthy immune system, one cannot fight off infection and illness (Cobbin, 2014).

Cheon Nok Sam

Cheon Nok Sam is a premium product produced by the Korea Ginseng Corp.  Cheon Nok Sam contains premium six-year-old grown Korean Red Ginseng that has been used by those practicing Eastern medicine for centuries as a modality to boost immune health. Cheon Nok Sam also contains free-range Deer Antler Velvet extract.  Deer Antler Velvet plus Korean Red Ginseng work together to create an immunity shield which boosts and supports immune health, while also stimulating energy.  

Free-range Deer Antler Velvet Extract is being widely used both in Western medicine and Eastern medicine. Deer Antler Velvet Extract works to boost and strengthen the immune system while counteracting the negative associated effects of stress.  Gevir (2018) states that Deer Antler Velvet Extract has immune boosting capabilities that can help respond to viruses and promote rapid recovery (Gevir, 2018)

The combination of Deer Antler Velvet Extract and Korean Red Ginseng work together to provide a premium supplement that boosts the immune system and promotes health and wellness. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to prioritize your immune health and incorporate Cheon Nok Sam into your daily routine today.


We are living in a time in which we are continuing to have to deal with a pandemic. This pandemic has continued to affect each and every one of us in its own way. We must find ways to boost our immune health and promote our self-care especially in these times. Korea Ginseng Corp has the best ginseng supplements that offer great benefit to immune health.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take charge of your health and wellness.

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