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Children - Immune Health

Children - Immune Health

Summertime has finally arrived.  Parents it’s time to find ways to incorporate ginseng supplements into your life as well as into your children’s daily health routine.  With the flowers in full bloom during the summer, there are many allergens and pathogens circulating.  It is imperative that we, as parents find easy ways to prioritize the health and wellness of the entire family.  The best Korean Red Ginseng is perfect for families on the go who wish to boost their immune system’s function.

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The Immune System

The immune system’s sole function is to protect the body from pathogens that may result in infection and/or illness.  The immune system has two major arms that function together to protect the body from disease. 

Innate Immune System vs. Adaptive Immune System

The innate immune system and the adaptive (acquired) immune systems are the portions of the immune system that make up the entire immune system.  The innate immune system is the portion of the immune system that each of us is born with, while the adaptive (acquired) immune system develops and matures overtime as we grow and age (Cobbin, 2014). 

The innate immune system functions to prevent entrance of bacteria and viruses through various barriers within the body.  The largest barrier that prevents entrance of these pathogens is the skin.  The skin works to inhibit bacteria and viruses from passing through and advancing into the bloodstream.  When the bacteria and/or viruses breach this skin barrier, then illness and infection may result.  The adaptive (acquired) immune system works to remove those bacteria and/or viruses that have gained entry into the bloodstream.  The adaptive (acquired) immune system has specialized antibodies that bind to these antigens to remove them from circulation.  The adaptive (acquired) immune system also contains specialized cells that have memory capabilities.  These cells remember previous pathogens and upon secondary exposure can remove them more effectively and efficiently.  The adaptive (acquired) immune system works overtime to remove these pathogens from the body to ensure the health of the individual (Cobbin, 2014).

Therefore, it is imperative we find ways to promote immune health and maintain our immune systems natural mechanisms of wellness.

Kid Tonic Steps

Kid Tonic Step 1

CheongKwanJang has developed the best ginseng supplements that work together to promote health and wellness which focus directly on the needs of children.  There are many different Kid Tonic Steps that are specifically formulated for children of all ages to boost the immune system, reduce stress, reduce fatigue and stimulate circulation.  The best Korean Red Ginseng is incorporated in these Kid Tonic Step ginseng supplements.

Kid Tonic Step 1 is formulated for pre-school aged children.  Perfect for ages 3 to 4.  Kid Tonic Step 2 is perfect for those children just starting Kindergarten and primary school.  Kid Tonic Step 2 is perfect for ages 5 to 7.  Kid Tonic Step 3 is perfect for those entering secondary school.  Ages 8 through 10 years are the perfect age for Kid Tonic Step 3 (Kid Tonic Steps, 2021). 

Kid Tonic Step 2

The Kid Tonic Step ginseng supplements are a healthy and delicious drink that comes in a easy to consume pouch.  It contains the 6-year-old grown Korean Red Ginseng which offers great benefit to the immune system.  Korean Red Ginseng has been utilized for centuries as a modality to promote immune health by those practicing Eastern medicine.

Children are exposed to many different unknown bacteria and viruses when they enter preschool, elementary (primary) school and secondary school.  It is during these times, that we as parents must find all natural ways to boost our children’s immune system.  Korean Red Ginseng provides that immune enhancement which allows a solid foundation of health.

Kid Tonic Step 3

Other ingredients included in the Kid Tonic Steps include:  Jujube Fruit Extract, Deer Antler Extract, Angelica gigas Nakai Root Extract and Chlorella Extract Powder.  These ingredients work together to promote immune health.

Other benefits include, but are not limited to:  boosts the immune system, reduces fatigue, reduces stress, promotes mental clarity and brain health while also stimulating circulation.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find ways to promote health and wellness during the summer season.  School will be starting before you know it, so it is imperative to find ginseng supplements that work now.  Health and wellness must be a priority to ensure immune health of our children.  Kid Tonic Steps offer an all-natural, non-GMO ginseng supplement that will provide great benefit to those who prioritize their health and wellness today.


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