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Easy and Convenient Ways to Boost the Immune System

Easy and Convenient Ways to Boost the Immune System

Learn how to quickly strengthen your defenses against the common flu and other diseases.

Health is such an important thing to invest in, especially if you are the person that contracts the flu or the common cold easily. Taking a 500mg to 1,000mg Vitamin C tablet every day may help, but there are many other convenient and fun ways to strengthen your immunity. 

If you've had enough of Vitamin C tablets, here are five easy and convenient ways to effectively boost your immune system.

Eat healthy food.

Eating healthy strengthens your body and therefore helps boost your immunity. And it doesn't necessarily mean eating boring food. In fact, there are many recipes that you can find on the web on healthier alternatives to your favorite meal. A healthy meal doesn't necessarily translate to a meal of pure vegetables.

Health experts suggest taking a balanced diet that can fulfill all of a person's nutritional needs. It should provide all the nutrients without going over the recommended calorie intake.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), half of a person’s plate should be made up of vegetables and fruits. The other half should then consist of protein and grains. And to accompany the meal, a serving of low-fat dairy is recommended.

And of course, wash your hands when preparing food and before eating, wash fruits and vegetables before consuming or cooking, and cook meat thoroughly.

Take convenient immune boosters.


multivitamins a day can get tiring, and is not that convenient. Immune boosters like Korean red ginseng extracts are much more preferable, as they come in stick packs that you can bring wherever you go.

The CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime is one of the popular immune-boosting products because of its convenience and potency. It is made of the best Korean red ginseng grown for six years to ensure the efficacy of the herb. One packet already contains 3,000 mg of red ginseng, so you’ll only need to take one stick pack a day.

Although it can be consumed as is, Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime can be mixed with either cold or warm water so you can enjoy it like tea.

And, unlike a Vitamin C tablet, Korean red ginseng extract has a lot more benefits to your health. This herb is known to boost energy, help fight off feelings of tiredness, and help fight insomnia.

CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime and other red ginseng products can be conveniently bought online at

Take a break and enjoy your favorite series.

If you’re feeling stressed out with work, family, the news on TV, and life as a whole, stop whatever you’re doing as stress can weaken your immune system. Take a break and watch your favorite TV shows and movies, especially those that remind you of happy memories to keep you relaxed and more at ease. Keeping the mind and body free from stress will help prevent the weakening of your immune system.

However, choose shows that won’t contribute to stress. Avoid watching thriller, slasher, and mind-boggling films in the meantime. Go for family movies or animated films to keep your stress levels at bay.

Get physical!

Get physical

After watching your favorite movies, exercise! There is no need to buy a smith machine or dumbbells, as there are many countless ways to exercise at home. Walking for several minutes a day, even inside the house, counts as physical activity.

Other fun exercise ideas include doing TikTok dance videos with the kids, playing Just Dance on PS4 or Wii, or roughhousing with your dogs in the yard. Also, exercise increases the release of endorphins -- hormones that create feelings of pleasure and reduces pain, making it an excellent way to manage stress.

Get good, quality sleep.

Cap off your day with some good night’s sleep. This is because adequate quality sleep allows your body to heal and regenerate. It is also the time when your body produces and vital immune cells like cytokines. So, if you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system won’t have enough cells it needs, making it less effective in fighting off diseases.

A 2017 study published in Behavioral Sleep Medicine found that healthy young adults with insomnia problems were more vulnerable to getting the flu even after receiving the flu vaccine.

That is why the National Sleep Foundation encourages people to sleep for at least seven hours per night to help boost the immune system. You can get quality sleep by turning off all gadgets and electronics at least a couple of hours before getting into bed and avoid watching stressful shows or reading mind-shaking books.

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