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Extract Limited: The Most Premium Ginseng Extract

Extract Limited: The Most Premium Ginseng Extract

Learn more about CheongKwanJang’s Extract Limited and its benefits to health.

During the fall and winter months, colds and the flu occur more often. Although some may think this is a myth, research suggests that viruses may replicate more efficiently at temperatures lower than 98.6°F or lower than the average core body temperature, hence the higher susceptibility of humans to colds and flu. Whether this belief is true or not, strengthening our immune system should be a priority this time of year.

Aside from a healthy diet, exercise, and quality sleep, taking supplements is recommended to boost immunity. Ginseng supplements are one, as these contain Korean red ginseng, which is known worldwide to effectively support one’s defense against viruses. And if you are looking for one with the most potent amount of top quality Korean red ginseng, look for Extract Limited.

What is Extract Limited?

Extract Limited is one of CheongKwanJang’s ginseng supplements in extract form. It is the company’s most premium concentrated extract of the best Korean red ginseng in a 100-gram bottle.

Korean red ginseng's fine roots are trimmed down and sorted into three grades -- Heaven, Earth, and Good, based on appearance and internal density. And only a small fraction of plants are superior heaven- and earth-grade ginseng with perfectly-formed roots.

Each bottle of Extract Limited contains 100% Korean red ginseng with earth-grade roots that have been grown and matured for six years. The rarity of this type of ginseng is why CheongKwanJang called this supplement Extract Limited.

What does Extract Limited do to one’s health?

As with other CheongKwanJang ginseng supplements, Extract Limited can support a healthy immune system, which should be our priority during the cold season. Aside from that, continuous consumption of Extract Limited can do the following:

boost energy

boost stamina

fight fatigue

promote healthy blood circulation

support sexual health

Despite these health benefits, it is important to remember that Extract Limited is not a prevention or cure for any disease. And if you are under medications, pregnant, or nursing, consult your doctor before consuming this supplement.

Who should take Extract Limited?

Extract Limited is perfect for busy adults who always feel stressed out and tired. It is also the supplement to take for those looking for top-quality ginseng with a characteristically concentrated, rich flavor and intense aroma.

 A gram or a spoon of Extract Limited up to three times a day is recommended for adults, while kids aged three to 15 can take half of the adult serving.

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