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Good Base Plum: A Good-Tasting Drink for People On-The-Go

Good Base Plum: A Good-Tasting Drink for People On-The-Go

The warm weather is the perfect excuse to drink cold drinks. But most of them can be loaded with sugar and additives, which is a big no-no for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. That is why Good Base came out with a good tasting health drink packed with all-natural ingredients-- Good Base Plum.

Good Base Plum is a good-tasting drink that contains delicious plum that is high in antioxidants and minerals, and the best Korean red ginseng. It combines the benefits of Asia’s super fruit and super herb together in an easy-to-prepare drink.

Why drink Good Base Plum?

Good Base Plum is an easy way to keep you healthy and active. It’s not just another health drink, as it takes pride in its all-natural ingredients without any artificial colors and flavors. The plums are domestically grown and were carefully and strictly selected to ensure quality and freshness. On the other hand, the Korean red ginseng is grown for six years under contract cultivation based on 120 years of experience.

Who needs to drink Good Base Plum?

Any member of the family can drink Good Base Plum because of its delicious flavor! But to be specific, it’s best for people who:

need help with everyday digestion

want to maintain a healthy lifestyle

want to take care of their health in a convenient way

want to feel more vibrant throughout the day

This drink comes in stick pouches for easy storage and consumption. You can bring it basically anywhere and make yourself one any time you want, making it perfect for people on-the-go.


One to two stick pouches is all you need in a day! You can learn more about Good Base Plum and other flavorful drinks at

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