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Good Base Red Ginseng & Blueberry - A Powerful Blend

Good Base Red Ginseng & Blueberry - A Powerful Blend

Learn more about this drink that combines two powerful ingredients -- a super herb and a superfruit.

Good Base Red Ginseng & Blueberry Pouch

Korean red ginseng is known worldwide for its amazing benefits to one’s overall health and well-being. Numerous studies have proven that the six-year-old KRG can strengthen the immune system and improve cognitive functions. No wonder it is called Asia's super herb.

On the other hand, blueberries are low in calories, high in nutrients, have high Vitamins C & K, manganese, and antioxidant levels, and support heart health. In fact, an eight-week study has found that obese people who had had a high risk of heart disease noted a 4 to 6% reduction in blood pressure after consuming 50 grams of blueberries a day. This berry's many benefits have definitely earned its superfruit moniker.

So what happens when you blend these two? We get Good Base Red Ginseng & Blueberry, a refreshing, great-tasting drink that does wonders for your health and well-being.

What is Good Base Red Ginseng & Blueberry?

This drink is one of CheongKwanJang's health drinks that takes pride in its cleanest premium quality ingredients. It offers a sweet taste, making it an enjoyable drink for everyone. Good Base Red Ginseng & Blueberry is available in 50 ml pouches for convenient consumption.

woman with red nails holding out blueberries on her palms

What are the benefits of regularly consuming Good Base Red Ginseng & Blueberry?

This powerful blend of super herb and superfruit can do the following:

  • Replenish energy
  • Replenish the body's nutrients
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve focus and concentration

Do note that Good Base Red Ginseng & Blueberry is not prevention nor is a cure to any health condition.

Is it safe to drink Good Base Red Ginseng & Blueberry every day?

Good Base Red Ginseng and Blueberry is a gluten-free, vegan drink with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and non-GMO, so it's good to enjoy every day. You can take one 50 ml pack a day before or after meals. 

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Who should consume Good Base Red Ginseng & Blueberry?

Because Good Base Red Ginseng & Blueberry comes in 50 ml pouches, this ginseng drink is perfect for busy bees who have no time to prepare powdered beverages. The pouches are perfect for bringing along inside totes and backpacks, allowing you to conveniently consume any time anywhere.

Good Base drinks are also perfect for all family members because it does not have a bitter aftertaste like the other CheongKwanJang ginseng supplements

Where can you buy CheongKwanJang's Good Base drinks?

Good Base Red Ginseng & Blueberry is available in boxes of 30 pouches at You can also shop for other ginseng products from CheongKwanJang and ginseng skincare products from Donginbi on the website. Alternatively, you can check the store locator to see if your local grocery sells CheongKwanJang products. 

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