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GoodBase Peach Sticks: Ginseng Drink On-The-Go

GoodBase Peach Sticks: Ginseng Drink On-The-Go

Learn more about this convenient sweet ginseng drink that will pass the palates of any picky eater.

Woman's hand holding Good Base Peach Stick pouch

Ginseng supplements and drinks are known to have a strong, rich taste. Unfortunately, not many can withstand its bitterness. To cater to people who want to get the benefits of Korean red ginseng without having to worry about the bitter taste, CheongKwanJang created GoodBase, a line of ginseng drinks with a sweet, mild ginseng taste. And for busy bees, they have the GoodBase Peach Sticks, a health drink packed in 10 ml stick pouches.

What are the ingredients of GoodBase Peach Sticks?

Each 10 ml pack of GoodBase Peach Sticks is formulated with the best Korean red ginseng that has matured and grown for as long as six years to ensure its highest efficacy. Concentrated peach extract from fresh juicy peaches grown in Israel is then blended with it, creating a delightful sugary taste. Even young members of the family will enjoy it!

Good Base Peach Stick Pouch

Why is it only 10 ml per stick pouch?

GoodBase Peach Sticks is made for busy people, those who do not have time to make a cup of ginseng tea or a glass of refreshing ginseng drink. No more messy juice powder or pills. A stick pack can fit inside your pocket, pouches, and bags, allowing you to maintain your on-the-go lifestyle.

But do not underestimate the small amount; that 10 ml drink can give you a surge of energy and replenish your daily nutrients. Because GoodBase Peach Sticks has no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors, no food coloring, 100% vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free, it’s a better alternative to caffeinated energy drinks.

When should you take GoodBase Peach Sticks?

You can take a stick at any time of the day! You can take one in the morning before going for a run or when you get up late and have no time for breakfast. GoodBase Peach is also a perfect pick-me-up afternoon snack or a bedtime drink. You can drink up to two stick pouches a day.

a crate of juicy peaches

What are the benefits of the regular consumption of GoodBase Peach Sticks?

Korean red ginseng is known to strengthen the immune system, boost energy levels, improve blood circulation, and boost focus. On the other hand, Israeli peaches are a great source of Vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium, and potassium. Continuous consumption of GoodBase Peach Sticks can help with digestion, improve your skin, maintain high energy levels, and boost your defense against cold and flu.

Where can you buy GoodBase Peach Sticks?

A box of 30 10 ml stick pouches is available online at for $42.99. When you purchase three boxes, you get one free gift. You can also check whether your local grocery store sells GoodBase and other ginseng products from CheongKwanJang by checking the Store Locator at the website.

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