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Health Benefits of Ginseng for Cognitive Function

Health Benefits of Ginseng for Cognitive Function

Korea Ginseng Corp’s High Quality Ginseng Products Support Good Health

Korea Ginseng Corp sells the best Korean red ginseng. Our product is differentiated from other ginseng products on the market because of the high quality ingredients that we use.  We only use Korean red ginseng in our products.  Our ginseng is grown for six years before harvested, then steamed and dried in a special process to maximize the nutrients and components in the ginseng, which gives our Korean red ginseng its reddish appearance.  We use Korean red ginseng extract to make our unique and potent ginseng products. We offer pure ginseng extracts and supplements, teas, candies, and tonics.

Health Benefits of Ginseng

Our Korean red ginseng is scientifically proven to help support excellent health.  Ginseng has been shown in scientific studies to improve immune functioning, support cognitive function and memory, and improve circulation.  Due to its nutrient rich nature, Korea Ginseng Corp’s Korean red ginseng contains many antioxidants which can neutralize toxic free radicals and reverse the effects of oxidative stress in the body, which can cause disease if left unchecked.

Korean Red Ginseng can help support healthy brain and cognitive function

Many scientists have conducted research to elucidate the excellent health benefits of ginseng.  Korean red ginseng has many well-documented effects to promote health.  One of these effects is supporting brain and cognitive function.  Dr. Man Ho Kim found in 2010 that patients with Alzheimer’s disease who took ginseng regularly experienced better recognition, attention, and calculation abilities, and these benefits were enhanced when patients took ginseng for longer periods of time.  Kennedy and Scholey (2003) found that a single dose of ginseng affect electrical activity of the brain as measured by electroencephalography (EEG).  These effects may be due to the ginsenosides present in ginseng, the active compounds in ginseng that lend it its excellent health properties.  Animal studies examining the effect of ginsenosides show that they can reduce markers of stress, fatigue, and learning.

Optimal brain function depends on a healthy immune system

In addition to ginseng’s effects on cognitive function, it also supports healthy immune functioning.  Disruptions to the immune system have been shown to affect cognition.  This is because the nervous system and the immune system communicate to ensure normal functioning in organisms.  Disruption of the immune system’s normal functioning can impair cognition and neurogenesis, the growth of new brain cells (Marin and Kipnis, 2013).

Ginseng supports healthy immune function in many ways.  It boosts the body’s innate immune mechanisms, which protect our bodies from pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.  Ginseng also neutralizes toxic free radicals which can damage healthy cells.  Without healthy immune function, other systems, including the brain, cognition, and memory, may be compromised.

Korea Ginseng Corp

Korea Ginseng Corp sells many products containing Ginseng in the form of ginseng tonics, extracts, foods, and beverages, which can be used to promote and support overall health and well being.  Korea Ginseng Corp’s skincare line, Donginbi, can help keep skin looking youthful and healthy.  No matter your preferences, Korea Ginseng Corp offers products which match your needs.

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