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How is Korean Red Ginseng Regulated?

How is Korean Red Ginseng Regulated?

Korean Red Ginseng has been used for many centuries across the globe for medicinal purposes to allow those consumers to have an all natural root that they could consume to better take control of their entire health. Korean Red Ginseng is unique among ginseng supplements, in that the Korea Ginseng Corp that is responsible for its production has developed a vertical integration business model that allows this one specific corporation to be involved in the entirety of the Korean Red Ginseng process including growing, cultivating, harvesting and processing. This allows for the Korean Red Ginseng to be the most authentic and pure product available and this has not gone unnoticed by the regulation companies. Korean Red Ginseng has received numerous awards for its high standards, while also receiving many certifications by regulation administrations. 

Commendations and Certifications 

Commendations and Certifications Received by the Korea Ginseng Corp include, but are not limited to the following: Current Good Manufacturing Practices Certifications, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), International Organization for Standardization for Reliable Food Management Safety Systems certification (ISO 22000) and KOLAS lab accrediation.  These certifications and commendations have met more criteria than are even required by the U.S. FDA.

Korean Red Ginseng Researchers and Developers

The Korea Ginseng Corp has a research and development team that contains over 140 researchers all with post graduate and professional degrees that their sole purpose is to ensure the quality and safety of the Korean Red Ginseng.  These research professionals have conducted over 420 research studies on Korean Red Ginseng and those studies have focused on ensuring the safety of every crop of Korean Red Ginseng. These research studies evaluate the Korean Red Ginseng during every stage of the planting, cultivating and harvesting processes to ensure safety to the consumers. 

According to the research and development team at Korea Ginseng Corp, “We invest a full 2 years just to secure the finest, uncontaminated, pollutant-free planting fields, another 6 years into growing Korean ginseng under a quality control scheme following 430 criteria, carried out over 7 rounds of full-scale review, enforced by our team of R&D researchers. This is our commitment to quality” 

The regulation process starts at the very beginning with the planting of the Korean Red Ginseng.  Korean Red Ginseng is cultivated for 6 years before it is harvested and it is during that time it is evaluated by the team of professional research and developers.  Korea Ginseng Corp follows these steps to ensure the highest safety and quality of the Korean Red Ginseng, “cleaning, steaming, sun-drying, trimming, appearance screening, tissue inspection and weight inspection.” The appearance screening process is separated by three different grades.  Grade A is labeled as heaven in appearance. Grade B is labeled as Earth in appearance. Grade C is labeled as good in appearance. Tissue inspection is another quality measure. The tissue is tested in light and dark.  During the tissue test, the internal contents are analyzed.  Finally, the weight category.  There are nine possible grades according to weight. 

As one can see, Korea Ginseng Corp takes the safety, purity and quality of Korean Red Ginseng very serious. Korea Ginseng Corp has been ensuring that the consumer receive the highest quality product of Korean Red Ginseng for many decades. These quality standards are what make the best Korean Red Ginseng. 

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