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Hwang Jin Dan Tonic: The Imperial Family's Secret Recipe

Hwang Jin Dan Tonic: The Imperial Family's Secret Recipe

Learn more about the ginseng tonic that contains the healthy secret recipe from the Korean Imperial family.

Koreans have high regard for their health -- they eat and drink right, exercise regularly, and take health supplements. The imperial family is also known to have a secret recipe that has been handed down for generations, which helps them maintain overall good health.

Today, not only Koreans can benefit from this recipe. People worldwide can enjoy it in the form of a healthy drink, CheongKwanJang's Hwang Jin Dan Tonic.

What are the ingredients of Hwang Jin Dan Tonic?

The tonic's main ingredients are the top 2% Ji-sam or earth grade roots of six-year-old Korean red ginseng extract, deer antler, Korean angelica roots, Cornus fruit, and Phellinus Linteus mushroom. All these ingredients ensure Hwang Jin Dan tonic's high-efficacy, especially the Korean red ginseng that has been matured for six years to ensure its potency.

Other ingredients include Agave syrup, Japanese apricot extract, L-arginine, cauliflower mushroom extract, and maritime pine bark extract.

What are the benefits of Hwang Jin Dan?

As with CheongKwanJang's ginseng supplements, Hwang Jin Dan can effectively boost the immune system as it contains Asia's super herb, Korean red ginseng. And because it is made up of the imperial family's secret health recipe and other natural ingredients, its health benefits and energy-boosting properties are greater than any multivitamin tablet or energy drinks.

Aside from supporting a healthy immune system, other health benefits include:

-Fatigue recovery
-Improved memory
-Healthy blood circulation
-Sustains antioxidants in the body

Who should drink Hwang Jin Dan Tonic?

This health tonic is recommended to people who get tired easily and are looking for a natural supplement that can help them fight fatigue. Hence, people with physically and mentally demanding jobs would benefit from this drink.

Hwang Jin Dan Tonic is also recommended to those who basically want to boost their immunity and support a healthy lifestyle.

How often should you drink Hwang Jin Dan tonic?

The tonic comes in a premium box of seven 50mL bottles. Drink one bottle before or after a meal. Hwang Jin Dan tonic is also safe to consume every day because its ingredients are natural and safe.

Where can you buy Hwang Jin Dan?

Hwang Jin Dan and other ginseng supplements from CheongKwanJang are available online at The company offers a wide range of ginseng products that will benefit the health of all members of the family.

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