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iPass: The Best Ginseng Supplement for Teenagers

iPass: The Best Ginseng Supplement for Teenagers

Got moody teenagers at home? Help them manage the effects of puberty and boost their immunity with iPass.

Teenage stress is common, and crazy puberty hormones are the main culprit. School activities and projects are big factors too, and all these can lead to fatigue and a compromised immune system. With that being said, they would need a health supplement that can help relieve the symptoms of teenage stress and provide them with healthy well-being to help them do better in class.

Korean red ginseng is known to have positive effects on adults' health. But did you know that they’re excellent for high school students too? That is why CheongKwanJang created ginseng supplements specially formulated for this age group -- the iPass.

What is iPass?

i-Pass is a ginseng tonic that is specially formulated for teenagers or high school students to sustain their energy and focus compared to other high sugar energy drinks that do not provide any health benefits. Each 50 ml pack contains the best Korean red ginseng that has been grown for six years to make sure it has reached its highest potency and efficacy. 

i-Pass’ other ingredients are natural herbs and Chong-Myung-Tang (CMT), a traditional Korean herbal medicine widely used therapeutically for concentration and memory improvement in active high-school students. CMT has also been used for many body ailments for hundreds of years.

What are the benefits of i-Pass?

This special formulation has many benefits to teenagers’ health and overall well-being. Besides supporting the immunity, daily consumption of i-Pass can also do the following: 

-Fight fatigue and stress

-Improve mood

-Increase stamina

-Boost energy levels

-Enhance memory and mental performance

-Enhance concentration

-Promote healthy blood circulation

Despite these benefits, it is important to remember that i-Pass is not a prevention or cure for any illness.

What is the recommended dosage of i-Pass?

An i-Pass pouch should be taken once a day after a meal. It is best to consume i-Pass in the morning for a much-needed energy boost for high-school students. Instead of coffee, give your teenage kid a safe, caffeine-free pick-me-up to help them get through another busy school day.

Where can you buy i-Pass?

i-Pass is available in boxes of 30 50ml-pouches at for $164.99. And starting from December 4th to 27th, you can purchase it at 5% off for one box, 10% off for two, and 15% off for three i-Pass boxes or more. Hoard these supplements this holiday season and get the most bang from your buck.

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