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Kid Tonic Step 2: The Immunity Booster for Grade-Schoolers

Kid Tonic Step 2: The Immunity Booster for Grade-Schoolers

Learn more about this ginseng tonic for kids and what it can do for your grade-schooler.

The ways to strengthen the immunity of grade-schoolers and kindergarteners are similar to pre-schoolers. They need to eat nutritious meals, get enough quality sleep, and eat less sugary foods. And to maintain a healthy immune system, it is recommended that they take supplements as well. 

Supplements come in many forms, including tablets, capsules, powders, and tonics. But since kids generally have picky palettes and pills make them gag, good-tasting supplements in liquid form are the best type to give them.

Cheong Kwan Jang's Kid Tonic Tonic Step 2 is one of the popular ginseng supplements today that are specially formulated for kids aged five to seven.

What is Kid Tonic Step 2?

Kid Tonic Step 2 is a liquid supplement formulated to support your child’s immune system and enhance stamina. It helps build a solid foundation for their health and overall well-being. It comes in 20ml packs that are easy-to-open, making it ideal for including in kids’ school lunches.

What are the ingredients of Kid Tonic Step 2?

Each 20ml pack contains the best Korean red ginseng, matured and grown for six years. It is at this age the ginseng reaches its maturity level and the highest efficacy. It also contains vitamin C, chlorella extract, deer antler extract, and minerals -- all of which help strengthen the body’s defense against infection. Jujube fruit, agave syrup, pear juice concentrate, and natural flavors are added to balance out ginseng’s bitter taste, making it more drinkable for school-aged kids.

What are the benefits of Kid Tonic Step 2 to grade-schoolers?

Kid Tonic Step 2 can effectively boost your child’s immune system and enhance their stamina as it contains all the right ingredients. Aside from that, this tonic can also:

-support healthy blood circulation

-support brain functions

-allow kids to be fatigue-resistant

Although it can support the following mentioned above, it is important to remember that Kid Tonic 2 cannot prevent or cure any disease. If your kid has a medical condition or takes meds, consult a pediatrician first. And if he shows any adverse reactions, stop consumption and immediately consult a doctor.  

How often should my kid drink Kid Tonic Step 2?

It is recommended for kids to take one pouch every day. Although they are easy-to-open, adult supervision is still needed, so make sure to tell your kids to ask for help from their teachers.

Where can you buy Kid Tonic Step 2? 

There is no need to get out of the house to purchase immunity boosting products; Kid Tonic Step 2 and other products from Cheong Kwan Jang are available at Kid Tonic 2 is available in a box of 30 20ml easy-to-open pouches for 18% off -- get it now for only $89.99 until October 4, 2020!

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