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Korean Ginseng Corp’s Kid Tonic Step 3

Korean Ginseng Corp’s Kid Tonic Step 3

At the age of 8-10, your children will start to get involved in more strenuous activities than ever before. This includes PE, sports teams, and other rigorous activities. This is an important transition period for your children and thus taking care of their immune health is important. Although your children don’t have to worry about being exposed to germs they are not used to from other people, they may be vulnerable to new diseases due to injury or fatigue.

At this age, your children will become more interested in sports and other physical activities. Sports is a great source of physical exercise and social activity for your children, however there is a risk of injury at practice as well as social tensions between your children and their teammates. 

When your children hit the 8-10 age range, you should be aware of your children’s mental as well as physical health as they enter adolescence. The number of diagnoses for mental disorders such as ADHD, depression, and anxiety skyrocket among children that reach this age. According to the CDC, 7-9% of children from the age of 8-10 were diagnosed with these mental illnesses. As awareness and diagnosis methods improve, the number of cases among children will increase. These mental health issues will persist and exacerbate as your children reach into adolescence.

Your children may encounter other kinds of health issues depending on how they get back to school in these upcoming months. The risks of injury from physical sports that have been mentioned earlier are mostly applicable if your children are returning to school in person rather than through a virtual classroom. If your children are having class in zoom conferences, please be aware that the mental health risks that children from ages 8-10 face still apply. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to computer screens, sitting down in front of a desk, and carpal tunnel syndrome will also be potential health risks for your children if coming back to school virtually rather than in person. Regardless if your children are returning to school in person or virtually, it is recommended that your children have regular exercise and a health diet to help with immune health.

By far the most talked about health risk facing your children returning to school in person is COVID-19. Although COVID-19 is less likely to occur among children and its effects are less severe among the younger population, there are still health risks your children must face potentially if returning to school in person. According to Harvard Medical School, only 4% at the ages of 8-10 contract the coronavirus. Children who have COVID-19 are more likely to spread the disease to other children or adult staff in school. With all this in mind, it is imperative for parents to have their children wear masks when coming back to school and exercising social distancing with other students and adult staff. Even after these steps are taken, you can still boost your children’s immune health just in case.

Korea Ginseng Corp Kid Tonic Step 3

To secure your children’s health and wellness at the ages of 8-10, we have developed Kid Tonic Step 3!  Made with only the highest quality of Korean red ginseng, Korea Ginseng Corp Kid Tonic Step 3 will make for a delicious and nutritious addition to any beverage or tea that your children may be taking.  It is packed in a pouch which serves as a portable package for on the go snacking. Our Korean Red Ginseng products have gone through rigorous quality control processes to ensure that only the best quality Korean ginseng is available. Kid Tonic Step 3 includes using Korean red ginseng that has been aged over a period of six years for the maximum amount of nutrients and other compounds to help promote excellent health.  Our Korean red ginseng has undergone 239 laboratory safety tests and a rigorous 18-year production process for the best quality Korean red ginseng tonics available.

About Korean Ginseng Corp

Here at Korea Ginseng Corp (KGC), we offer a variety of drinks, cooking supplements, and other products made with only the best Korean red ginseng. Our ginseng products provide a delicious and earthy addition to any food, tea, or any other beverage you or your child may be taking. Korean red ginseng has been a popular flavor to add to tea for generations, and we wish to continue this legacy by offering you the best quality Korean red ginseng. The most potent kind of ginseng, Korean red ginseng comes with a variety of nutritional and immune support benefits.

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