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Korean Red Ginseng: The Harvesting Process

Korean Red Ginseng: The Harvesting Process

As we move forward into the new year, it is a time to reflect on how well we as individuals have prioritized our health in the past while also finding ways to better prioritize our health for the future. CheongKwanJang has produced the best Korean red ginseng supplements for many years. Korean Red Ginseng has been used for many years by those who practice Eastern medicine. The Korean Red Ginseng by CheongKwanJang is six-year-old grown and is carefully cultivated and harvested to provide potent Korean Red Ginseng root with this highest quality of purity for the purposes of promoting health and wellness. 

Korean Red Ginseng 

The best Korean Red Ginseng is produced by CheongKwanJang.  CheongKwanJang has been producing high quality, potent and pure Korean Red Ginseng for 121 years. CheongKwanJang works hard to ensure that the vertical integration process within the company maintains the integrity of the Korean Red Ginseng from the time it is grown to the time it is harvested, cultivated and marketed for consumption. 

Korean Red Ginseng contains saponins within its roots. These saponins in high quantities promote immune health and wellness, reduces fatigue and stimulates healthy liver and brain function.  Korean Red Ginseng offers many benefits and has been utilized for medicinal purposes by those practicing Eastern medicine for centuries. 

Korean Red Ginseng Process 

Korean Red Ginseng is a slow-growing perennial that is carefully grown and monitored for six-years. It is grown for six-years to ensure that it is potent, pure and maximizes its efficacy. There is an extensive process that this fresh ginseng must undergo before it is deemed Korean Red Ginseng.  

The process can be described in the following steps. First, fresh ginseng is grown for six-years.  Second, the fresh ginseng undergoes a washing process.  Third, after the washing process, the ginseng undergoes a steaming process.  Fourth, after the ginseng has undergone the steaming process, it is allowed to naturally dry. Once the ginseng has undergone the natural drying process, the result is Korean Red Ginseng. This process is extensive to ensure that the Korean Red Ginseng produced is only of the highest quality and potency thereby creating a product that offers its maximum benefit to those who value immune health. 

  • Fresh Ginseng grown for 6 years
  • Fresh Ginseng undergoes washing process
  • Ginseng undergoes steaming process
  • Ginseng undergoes naturally drying process
  • After drying process:  Korean Red Ginseng 

The vertical integration process implemented ensures that after the Korean Red Ginseng is harvested, it undergoes extensive quality and safety testing.  During each individual Korean Red Ginseng lifecycle over 7 rounds of 293 unique tests are performed to ensure the quality of the Korean Red Ginseng. 

Experts hand evaluate each Korean Red Ginseng root to ensure that only the highest quality standard of root is incorporated into each and every ginseng supplement that is produced by the CheonKwanJang company. 


It is imperative that as we continue to take charge of our health and prioritize our wellness that we make sure we are consuming only the highest quality, potent Korean Red Ginseng in our ginseng supplements. Therefore, when you look to purchase ginseng supplements look no further than CheongKwanJang.  CheongKwanJang has been producing high quality, potent and pure Korean Red Ginseng for 121 years. Together with their vertical integration system, one can rest assured that the quality standards for production of Korean Red Ginseng are above the rest.

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