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Make Moves toward a Healthier You

Make Moves toward a Healthier You


The new year brings new goals and resolutions. However, making moves toward a healthier you is a decision you can make at any time. The key is to make the decision and then make the move. Setting yourself up for success in your goals to become healthier is to create attainable and sustainable goals. Fortunately, Korea Ginseng Corp’s ginseng supplements provide you with a low-maintenance way to incorporate the health-boosting power of ginseng into your daily life.


The most important key to keeping your goals – or even beginning them – is to make them attainable. Setting unattainable goals will mean setting yourself up for failure. Attainability means not only that your goals are within the realm of all possibilities, but it also means that these goals can be fit into your daily life and habits without drastically overhauling your behavior.

You can certainly work toward more monumental change, but you must make this move incrementally, beginning with small changes. You also need to remember that changing second nature behavior, that is, “unconscious” or “automatic” behavior, takes more conscious effort – you must dually work to consciously undue the behavior you wish to change and take up the new behavior.


Another key to keeping your goals is to make them enduring. This relates to attainability as this means that you must make your goals sustainable. The most successful goals are often those that involve work toward incremental permanent behavioral change rather than drastic and fleeting change. In order to set yourself up for success, when making your new goals think honestly about your daily habits, avoiding wishful thinking or “rose-colored glasses”.

Next, think about small, easily achievable shifts that can be naturally incorporated into your habits. For instance, incorporating ginseng supplements into your daily diet or vitamin regimen is an easy and highly effective way to meet the goal of improving your health. Liquid supplements that can be added to your morning tea or juice are an excellent way to incorporate ginseng with minimal effort.


Koreselect Energy provides all of the health-boosting potential of pure concentrated Korean red ginseng in easy-to-use single liquid serving pack. Koreselect Energy is, as the name suggests, specifically designed as a daily energy supplement, giving you a boost to your daily routine and jump-starting your day. The convenient single-serving packs make this product easy to consume on the go or add to your morning tea or juice (or just drink straight from the pack).

Koreselect Energy features the highest quality and most potent Korean red ginseng on the market. As with all Korean red ginseng products, Koreselect Energy provides immune-boosting, antioxidant, and general mental and physical functioning boosts, among a host of other health benefits. As well, Koreselect Energy is designed to target fatigue recovery to give you effective and lasting energy. This extra energy will give you the boost you need to focus on meeting your new health goals.


Korea Ginseng Corp’s Extract Everytime is similar to Koreselect Energy, with a different focus. Like Koreselect Energy, Extract Everytime provides you with the benefits of the highest quality, highest potency Korean red ginseng extract in hassle free single-serving liquid packs. Unique from Koreselect Energy, Extract Everytime is designed specifically as a health supplement.

Of course, you will still receive a healthy dose of the fatigue-fighting and energy and concentration-boosting power of Korean red ginseng. Extract Everytime provides you with a full 3,000 milligram dose of Korean red ginseng extract in every serving.


Cheon Nok is among the best supplements for your immune system. Korea Ginseng Corp’s Cheon Nok provides all of the health benefits of the highest quality, super potency Korean red ginseng plus the added benefit of conscientiously derived, high-potency Cheon Nok, or deer antler velvet, extract.

Cheon Nok extract has been held up for centuries as a “miracle cure,” while the legends of Cheon Nok allowing leaders to live well into their 100’s may be exaggerated, the value of Cheon Nok in traditional Chinese medicine as a boost for stamina and longevity is still well-promoted in the modern world.


Korea Ginseng Corp is your source for an array of the best Korean red ginseng products available. KGC Korean Red Ginseng products include a wide range of cut ginseng root, ginseng supplements – including their new Koreselect line) and tonics, and delicious teas, flavored drinks, and treats that can help you function at your peak performance. KGC also offers a skin care line (Donginbi) that can help you radiate your inner wellbeing for the world to see.

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