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Premium Tonic Gold: Sometimes, Bitter is Better!

Premium Tonic Gold: Sometimes, Bitter is Better!

Support a healthy immune system with a bitter yet potent ginseng tonic.

The cold months are making us more susceptible to illnesses, especially to the common colds and flu. That is why strengthening our immunity should be prioritized. A healthy diet, daily exercise, and good quality sleep can maintain a healthy immune system. But to further boost your immunity, you would need ginseng supplements, like CheongKwanJang's Premium Tonic Gold.

What is Premium Tonic Gold?

Tonic Gold is a mixture of the best Korean red ginseng, ten different herbs and medicinal plants from the east, and active vitamins. Because it has an increased portion of the Korean red ginseng grown and matured for six years, Tonic Gold has a deeper and rich taste. It's the preferred tonic of many ginseng enthusiasts because of its bitterness.

What does Premium Tonic Gold do to the body?

Tonic Gold, just like any supplement, has its share of benefits. But because it has natural ingredients, it does not have unwanted side effects like caffeinated energy drinks. Here are the benefits of consuming a pouch of Tonic Gold a day:

Supports a healthy immune system

Releases a steady burst of energy without the jitters or headaches

Fights fatigue

Promotes healthy blood circulation

Supports healthy memory functions

Eases stress

Supports libido and sexual health

Despite all these benefits, it is important to note that Tonic Gold cannot prevent or cure any disease or illness.

Who can consumer Premium Tonic Gold?

Unlike the popular belief that only men can drink ginseng tonics, Premium Tonic Gold is ideal for both men and women. Korean red ginseng provides numerous benefits to all people, especially those who need an energy boost and strengthened immunity during the cold seasons.

However, it is important to remember to consult your doctor first if you are taking medications, pregnant, or nursing. Do check the ingredients as well for allergies and adverse reactions.

Where can you buy Premium Tonic Gold?

Premium Tonic Gold is available in boxes of 30 40ml-pouches at And this November, you can get it at $169.99 -- that’s 12% off of its original price! And if you spend $250 or more on non-promotion items, you get to receive a free Cheon Nok Extract 30-gram bottle worth $39.99. So stock up on these immunity boosters now for bigger savings. Do check the Promotion tab to see more ginseng products on sale

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