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Use Korean Red Ginseng to Get the Most Out of Healthy Behaviors

Use Korean Red Ginseng to Get the Most Out of Healthy Behaviors
The Importance of Healthy Behaviors

Exercise, sleep, and meditation are a trifecta of wellness behaviors. Besides a healthy diet, exercise and sound sleep are the most important behaviors you can engage in to ensure physical well-being.  Practicing meditation is also key to mental as well as physical well-being.

Ginseng has numerous health promoting properties to optimize the benefits of these wellness behaviors, which have been identified by research. Beyond its well-known ability to improve immune system functioning, ginseng has also been linked to anti-inflammation, increased concentration, enhanced energy and stamina, and deeper sleep, among other numerous and highly varied benefits. Korean red ginseng is the most potent form of ginseng, optimizing the health benefits this wonder root offers.

Ginseng and Exercise

Ginseng has long been understood to improve stamina and energy, improving your ability to perform exercise. The health benefits of ginseng extend beyond improving exercise capacities. According to research published in the Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology journal, ginseng has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to promote post-exercise muscle recovery. Research in Physiological Reviews has found that while blood lymphocyte numbers increase during exercise, particularly following exceptionally strenuous exercise, these lymphocyte numbers actually experience a decrease below baseline level. Thus, the power of ginseng to regulate immune system functioning, specifically, its capacity to regulate the production of lymphocytes such as T and B cells, can help reduce the post-exercise drop in blood lymphocytes. In this way, ginseng has health benefits that encompass both exercise and post-exercise functioning: not only optimizing exercise but also optimizing post-exercise recovery. Incorporating one of KGC’s varieties of ginseng extract supplements into your vitamin regiment, or enjoying one of KGC’s delicious and healthy ginseng teas, fruit drinks or tonics is an easy way to boost the benefits of your exercise routine and help jump start your day.

Ginseng and Sleep

In a study published in Sleep Medicine and Psychophysiology, ginseng consumption was linked to increased deep (REM) sleep duration. Deep sleep, or REM sleep, has been linked to improved mental function and the revitalization of the body’s tissues and systems. Thus, ginseng not only improves your ability to achieve deeper sleep, which promotes your body’s natural restorative processes, but ginseng itself improves immunological functioning and has reparative anti-inflammatory process. Further, ginseng has been linked to improved memory and concentration. In this way, taking ginseng can support health in a way complementary to the mental and physical health benefits of sound sleep. Drinking a soothing cup of hot KGC ginseng tea is a great way to incorporate ginseng into your sleep ritual and a healthy way to help you wind-down after a stressful day.

Ginseng and Meditation

Taking a moment to drink KGC hot ginseng tea before meditation can also help soothe you and promote a mental wind-down so that you can focus your concentration on meditation. Besides its numerous other health benefits, ginseng can also improve your ability to meditate and amplify the benefits derived from meditation. Beyond the soothing benefits of sipping hot ginseng tea, ginseng has been associated with increased focus which can help you concentrate on your breathing during meditation.

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