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Vital Tonic: The Healthy Shot of Ginseng

Vital Tonic: The Healthy Shot of Ginseng

There are different ways to keep ourselves healthy and manage vitality -- eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and take health supplements. If you’ve been working from home and now going back to working from the office, be sure to incorporate ginseng supplements into your daily routine to keep you vitalized. This is one of the most effective and known supplements that can boost energy levels. In fact, it is called Asia’s super herb because of its many health benefits.

Korean red ginseng can be consumed in various forms like tea and capsules. Those who are not used to the herb's bitter taste and dislike taking pills can drink ginseng tonics. They are formulated to taste less bitter without affecting the ginseng’s potency. And one of the best ones in the market today is Vital Tonic by CheongKwanJang.

What is Vital Tonic?

Vital Tonic is one of CheongKwanJang’s ginseng products that contain the best Korean red ginseng that has been grown for six years. The herb is mixed with a healthy blend of all-natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals, all of which help with fatigue recovery.

What exactly are the ingredients of Vital Tonic?

Aside from the potent six-year-old Korean red ginseng, Vital Tonic contains the following natural ingredients:

- Jujube fruit extract
- Ginger
- Goji Berry
- Schizandra Berry
- Astragalus Root

It also contains Vitamin B6 to help the body turn food into energy, maintain a healthy body, and develop a healthy brain.

What can Vital Tonic do to the body?

Vital Tonic can provide energy boosts to those who take it regularly. It can balance the mind and body by providing vitality, lessening the effects of fatigue, and restoring physical balance

Who should take Vital Tonic?

Because of the herb’s properties of boosting energy levels, Vital Tonic is recommended to people suffering from chronic fatigue and are stressed out with work and life in general.It is also recommended to the following people who:

-have unhealthy eating habits and have no time for exercise
-work out and need to manage health and energy consistently
-want to consume potent Korean red ginseng and traditional herbs for good health
-want to restore physical balance

How often should one take Vital Tonic?

It is recommended to take one 20 mL ampoule bottle of Vital Tonic every day. Shake the bottle before consuming it as the plant-based ingredients may create sediments at the bottom. Do note, though, that consulting your doctor is needed if you are on medication, like anti-diabetic meds and blood anticoagulants.

And because Vital Tonic comes in individual ampoules, it is very convenient to carry and consume anytime, anywhere.

CheongKwanJang’s Vital Tonic is available at and can be purchased in a box of 10 20 mL bottles.

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