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Kids Tonic

It's our mission to bring health to the whole family. Now, you can give your kids the perfect supplement that not only boosts your children's immunity, but also supporting their physical and cognitive growth.

CheongKwanJang made the perfect pre-made solutions for your children aging 3 to 16. We managed to reduce the taste of bitterness and add the right amount of Korean Red Ginseng and Deer Antler serving to ensure your children the best health through the ages.

  • Kids Tonic Step 1 (Age 3 to 4): Focuses on balance in nutrition and health in digestion
  • Kids Tonic Step 2 (Age 5 to 7): Focuses on immunity and energy for childrens to play around
  • Kids Tonic Step 3 (Age 8 to 10): Focuses on Immunity and Growth
  • I-Pass Junior (Age 11 to 13): Focuses on Immunity and Growth
  • I-Pass (Age 14 to 16): Focuses on Cognitive Development, Immunity and Growth

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