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Benefits of Korean Ginseng

The All-Healing Herb

The term "Panax" is the scientific name for ginseng, which is derived from the Greek language and translates to "all-healing". This particular genus of plants contains saponins called ginsenosides, a class of compounds that cannot be found in any other plant. We make sure to allow our ginseng to grow for a period of six years in order to acquire the maximum amount of saponins in each root. Part of the Korean lifestyle and culture, ginseng boasts a number of natural health advantages.

Health Efficacies of Korean Ginseng

By promoting blood circulation and supporting bodily functions,Ginseng provides our body with the power to fight diseases; It is a way to make our body stronger.

(1) Drs. V. D. Petkov (Bulgaria) and H. Nitta (Japan) - Study on the improvement of cognitive degradation caused by normal aging

(2) Professor Nakanishi (Japan) - Study on the inhibition of platelet aggregation and improvement of microvascular blood supply

(3) Dr. E. Bombardelli (Italy) - Study on the anti-fatigue and anti-stress properties of panax ginseng

(4) S. J. Fulder (England) - Study on improvement of physical functions of the elderly

(5) Dr. Kang, Sang Moo (USA) - Study on antiviral activity of ginseng extract against respiratory syncytial virus infection

2,839 Research Papers Associated with Ginseng

Scientific name : Panax Ginseng Source : National Center for Biotechnology Information (

51 Research Areas Related to the Health Effects of Ginseng

Fatigue resistance, memory functions, enhancement of blood circulation, antioxidant functions, and more.

40 Countries Conducted Research on the Health Effects of Ginseng

USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy,South Korea, China, Japan,Russia and others

Maintain A Healthy Body

Korean Ginseng has many health benefits that can be found here National Center for Biotechnology Information (

Boost Your Immune System

Korean Ginseng increases your immune system's response to foreign objects that enter your body.

Builds Stamina & Helps To Fight Fatigue

An alternative to caffeine, Korean Ginseng is an all-natural energy boost to help you get through your day.

Promotes Healthy Blood Circulation

The ingredients in Korean Ginseng helps to increase blood circulation aiding in maintaining a healthy heart and arteries.

Supports Healthy Cognitive Health

Helps to maintain a healthy brain and help with cognitive functions.

Benefits for Skincare

Utilizing the latest in modern technology, we're able to apply the same "all-healing" effects of Korean Ginseng to skincare.

Delivers A Plentiful Supply Of Antioxidants

Antioxidants play a big role in protecting your body from free radicals. Korean Ginseng is full of antioxidants that assist your cells in preventing diseases that may develop in your body.

What People Are Saying About Ginseng

Julia Barlund, KGC Customer

'EVERYTIME' is my daily routine. Everytime offers a great boost in energy and is for those who wish to prioritize their health and wellness

Chief of global R&D Center, KGC

KGC's Ginseng R&D center has more than 130 outstanding researchers with 184+ ginseng patents and 420+ ginseng studies. We are expanding our research to various ingredients in dietary supplement

Professor Jae Youl Cho, Sungkyunkwan University, Molecular immunology(Ph.D.)

Korean ginseng is the world's best herbal medicine with 2,000-year history of proven effects. My research proved that the polysaccharides activate macrophage cells, resulting in the enhanced immune system

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