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Women's Balance Korean Red Ginseng Capsule JungKwanJang

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Menopause is a natural part of the female life cycle. However, sometimes it can be a difficult journey. If you are looking for a product to help with your symptoms, we have just the thing for you! Koreselect Balance contains plant-based ingredients that are known in Asia to help relieve menopause symptoms such as Peony Root Extract and Bamboo Leaf Extract. Koreselect Balance will help to improve circulation, provide focus to keep you on point due to our main ingredient the Best Korean Red Ginseng Root Extract. Koreselect Balance will help gain your Kore health and balance back to life!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Korean Red Ginseng Root Extract Powder, Proprietary Blend (Peony Root Extract Powder, Bamboo Leaf Extract Powder, Poria sclerotium Extract Powder, Atractylodes Rhizome Extract Powder, Korean Angelica Root Extract Powder), Maltodextrin, Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Water, Propylene Glycol, D-sorbitol

※Non-GMO, Caffeine Free, Vegan, GMP Quality


Take one capsule two times a day

(60 Veggie Soft Gels-30Days)

Women's Balance Korean Red Ginseng Capsule JungKwanJangWomen's Balance Korean Red Ginseng Capsule JungKwanJangWomen's Balance Korean Red Ginseng Capsule JungKwanJangWomen's Balance Korean Red Ginseng Capsule JungKwanJang


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Check the ingredients for potential interactions with your own conditions before blindly taking this

JungKwanJang is a Korean supplement company whose products have gotten high acclaim. The ingredients they use are tested and it seems they are considered of high quality. This particular formula is designed to support women's hormonal balance. It has red ginseng along with a proprietary blend of Peony Extract, Bamboo Extract, Poria Sclerotium, Atractylodes Macrocephala, and Korean Angelica Extract. Some of these ingredients are purported to have potential to affect immune function, mood, (anti)oxidation, inflammation, hormone levels, and blood viscosity, amongst other things. Yet along with this comes potential negative effects, particularly for people with certain health conditions, so its important to look carefully at effects these herbal supplements can have to assess whether these are safe for you. You may also want to check with your doctor, should there be concerns of interactions. As in the proprietary blend, we aren't given information as to how much of each "proprietary blend" ingredient is in a serving, its best to error on the side of caution if there are concerns when you look up the potential effects of these ingredients.I personally would like for the company to post more specific information as to the intended use of each ingredient as well as the ratio or mg of each. There seem to be some ingredients that could have some potentially serious side effects for some people. I took off one star for that lack of transparency and specific information.Though this supplement may not be right for everyone, for those who can take it, the typical uses for these herbs do include factors supporting the aim of this supplement. It does seem to support what it claims to target.

Frank M
Women's Balance with Korean Red Ginseng

I ordered this product for my wife. As described in true web page, Korean Red Ginseng is good for women to use, and there are other ingredients such as peony, bamboo, and Korean Angelica extracts. This product has been vigorously tested. Then we will wait and see.

Jonathan Y
Made with good ingredients.

The company behind this product was recognized in Korea

G Bequer
Good quality supplement well packaged and smart plant-based super ingredients

Overall: Recommended! Great product for supporting improved immune function in our opinion the bottle packaging is fine and the safety seals are doing the job. Nice that it is independently tested and that it has good manufacturing practice (GMP) certification. We like to check with our care practitioner before starting a new supplement and this red ginseng one seemed fine : ) Cheers!

Korean ginseng for woman

My wife recently tried JungKwanJang Women's Balance with Korean Red Ginseng, and she is amazed by the results. These capsules have helped her feel more balanced and energized throughout the day. The Korean Red Ginseng in the formula has improved her overall well-being and vitality. This is from one the top ginseng and herbal manufacture company in Korea. I highly recommend this product to any woman looking to support her health and vitality with the power of Korean Red Ginseng.



By purchasing your CheongKwanJang products directly from Korean Ginseng Corporation, you are assured of getting a product that is at all times handled properly according to manufacturer’s recommendations. At this time, we do not ship outside of the United States.

All orders are normally shipped out within 1 business day. Please note, we can only ship to physical addresses and not P.O. boxes at this time.


Our Mission

To make people’s lives better everyday by providing them with the best, traditionally harvested, most carefully selected Korean Red Ginseng products to support health and well-being. We give our all for the sake of our customers, so they can face any challenges in life.


Renowned worldwide, Korea Ginseng Corporation(KGC), with its subsidiary lines CheongKwanJang and Koreselect, is the #1 brand of ginseng, with over 120 years of horticultural and scientific expertise.

Vertically-integrated, we specialize in the cultivation, harvest, and preparation of the world’s finest red ginseng, a more efficacious form of ginseng, conducting 293 quality and safety tests in the course of each production cycle. Every year we devote over two hundred researchers and 20 million dollars to the science of ginseng. All KGC brands use the most exceptional ginseng combined with the finest herbs and ingredients to deliver superior products to meet everyone’s needs.

Each of our CheongKwanJang products is certified by the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Food and Science to feature only premium ginseng extract, from the roots of plants that have been allowed to mature for the full six years required for optimal results.

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