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Benefits of Ginseng in Boosting Energy and Reducing Stress

Benefits of Ginseng in Boosting Energy and Reducing Stress

For thousands of years, Ginseng has been an integral part of Chinese medicine. Due to its efficacy, herbalists all over the world use it in healing and treatment procedures. There are various species of Ginseng among which Korean Red Ginseng is considered the best quality ginseng in the world. The active ingredients in the herb are known as ginsenosides. The plant's root appears like a human body. Ginseng's botanical name is Panax Ginseng. Translated into English, Panax Ginseng means "all-healing man root.'' Due to its many health benefits, Ginseng is a venerated herbal remedy.

Below are some of Ginseng's energy boosting and stress reduction benefits:

Regulates Blood Flow

It is believed that ginsenosides found in Ginseng reduce stress. They lower stress levels by increasing blood flow to a person's brain. More blood in the brain improves concentration. Additionally, it enhances mental performance (Disano, 2009). People who feel stressed out may consider trying Ginseng to see how they feel after a given period.

Enhances Mood

Use of Ginseng is also an effective mood enhancement treatment. Researchers in Sweden gave two groups of 480 elderly persons either ginseng or placebo. The Ginseng participants felt more relaxed than the placebo group (Disano, 2009). Moreover, they had more energy and alertness than the placebo participants.

Has Antifatigue Effects in Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Ginseng may boost energy in people undergoing cancer treatment. It achieves this by stimulating mental and physical activity in patients who feel weak and fatigued. One study revealed that Ginseng could reduce fatigue in people receiving cancer treatment (Kim, et al., 2012). Patients under treatment can, therefore, use Ginseng to combat chronic fatigue.

Improves Mental Energy

Several studies show that Ginseng improves mental energy. Early research indicates that Ginseng may enhance performance in concentration, mental arithmetic, and memory among other benefits. Another study found that Ginseng users seemed to have increased ability for abstract thought (Ehrlich, 2015). People who desire enhanced mind power may potentially benefit from using the herb (Sergiy Oliynyk and Seikwan Oh, 2013).

Enhances Wellbeing and Energy While Lowering Stress

Another key benefit of Ginseng is its ability to enhance a person's wellbeing. Korean Ginseng helps the body to deal better with physical or mental stress. Additionally, the herb improves the quality of life of those who use it. A study involving 501 Mexico City dwellers found that people who used Ginseng had more energy, better sex life, better sleep, and more personal fulfillment. Another research revealed that consuming supplements together with Ginseng improves the quality of life. Supplement users reported that they felt better when they used the supplements along with Ginseng than when they used them separately (Ehrlich, 2015). Ginseng enhances wellness.

Functions as an Adaptogen

Ginseng is an adaptogenic substance/ herb. These herbal remedies make people more resistant to environmental, physical, and mental stress. Adaptogens work by suppressing the hormonal stress cortisol while making adrenal glands stronger (Rashkova et al., 2010). When the hormonal level of cortisol is reduced, the person will naturally experience less stress. Adaptogens calm users down while boosting their energy at the same time. They enable the cells of the body access more energy. Moreover, they help cells get rid of toxins from the metabolic process. They also help the body to use oxygen more efficiently. The result is that the user of the product feels less stressed out and more relaxed.

Increases Energy & Endurance

Some studies have shown that Ginseng use results in better endurance and strength. Other studies have indicated improved agility and reaction time in participants. In a survey of 332 people, Asian Ginseng seemed to reduce fatigue (Ehrlich, 2015). A study done in the Soviet Union showed that mice had increased energy and endurance after treatment with Ginseng. Future research will shed more light on the ability of the herb to increase strength and endurance. Athletes take red Korean Ginseng to boost their endurance and strength or energy. Fatigue is lack of motivation and lack of energy. It is normally caused by emotional stress, physical activity, or sleep deprivation. According to Hoang, Jeongseon, Seung-Kwon, and Young (2016), randomized controlled trials (RCTs) showed that ginseng had the ability of reducing fatigue.


Ginseng has many proven benefits. People interested in the herb's benefits may consider using Ginseng alongside vitamins or supplements. The product is available in powder form, as tea, extract, candies, and as capsules. Users may also boil Ginseng in water to make a root decoction. Buyers should carefully look at the label to ensure they are buying the preferred Ginseng type. For reaping most of the benefits from this natural herb, people should try Panax red ginseng.


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