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Korean Red Ginseng for Strengthening Immunity & Enhanced Healing

Korean Red Ginseng for Strengthening Immunity & Enhanced Healing

An Introduction to the Miracle Herb- Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng or Asian Ginseng is an herb that is predominantly found in Korea, China and Japan. This type of Ginseng is also popularly referred to as Panax Ginseng. Korean Ginseng has been widely used as an effective remedy in Asia since several decades, to treat a variety of ailments ranging from neurodegenerative diseases, respiratory disorders and other stress related ailments. In recent years there has been an increased awareness in the medical community across the globe regarding the various health benefits of Korean Red Ginseng. This traditional remedy is also increasingly being used as a natural treatment option for healing wounds as well as boosting the immune system in individuals.

Health Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng

Medical researchers have observed several positive changes in the human subjects after including the prescribed dosage of Korean Red Ginseng as a part of their regular treatment. This particular form of Ginseng is also believed to be extremely effective in treating various inflammatory disorders as well as anti-bacterial infections that can cause degeneration of the immune system.

Immune system is one of the most vital functions in the human body that protects all the activities from any viral or bacterial onslaught. However, if the human body does get infected, there is a huge possibility of the infection causing permanent physical or mental impairment and could even turn fatal if it is left unchecked. The immune system comprises of many important cells that repel infections and restore bodily functions such as dendritic cells, macrophages, B cells, T cells and natural killer cells. Korean Red Ginseng has impact on each of these cells. Let’s look into more details:

How Korean Red Ginseng Strengthens the Immune System

Dendritic Cells: These cells form the first line of defense that protects the human body instantly against any infections. The infected antigens are immediately identified and restricted by the lymphoid organs wherein the lymphocytes are activated to contain the spread of the disease. Medical experts suggest that Korean Red Ginseng stimulates the immune response, and this characteristic of ginseng can boost the dendritic cell function to a large extent.

Macrophages: Macrophages are the main cells in the immune system that protect vital organs such as lungs, liver, etc from any type of infection. The macrophages have various morphologic factors that independently battle these afflictions. The nervous system also has a defense mechanism known as microglia that forms a part of the macrophage cell function. Osteoclast in the skeletal structure, alveolar macrophages in the lungs and Kupffer cells in the liver are other cell functions that form the initial protective cordon to build immunity in an individual. Medical reports suggest that Korean Red Ginseng is believed to significantly enhance the phagocytic function in the macrophages thereby building a strong resistance against bacterial infections.

B Cells: The immune system has an inherent mechanism that initiates the plasma cells or B cells to release antibodies to battle any microorganisms that try to take over the human body. Korean Red Ginseng is being seen as an effective remedy with the potential to help the B cells in the regeneration of these antibodies to discard infections at a nascent stage.

Natural Killer Cells: The human body has a natural defense mechanism in the form of cytotoxic lymphocytes that are also called the Natural Killer Cells. These cells provide the immune system with the required deterrents against any bacterial infections. Medical science has observed that the administration of Korean Red Ginseng therapy on infected individuals has enhanced the functionality of Natural Killer cells and thereby hastened the process of healing.

T Cells: The cellular response of the human body is primarily initiated by the T Cells in tandem with the Natural Killer Cells. This cellular combination effectively eliminates all viral infections, and enhances intra cellular functions. These cells also act as immunosuppressive regulators which are beneficial for suppressing the progression of diseases. Researchers have been privy to the fact that Korean Red Ginseng boosts the functions of T Cells and positively influences the immunosuppressive response to diseases in the human body and promotes good health.

Cytokine: Cytokines are the tiny molecules that signal and influence the primary function of immune cells by activating an immediate response within the human body. On detection of any bacterial infections, the immune system receives an intracellular signal and instantly triggers the mass secretion of cytokines, thereby initiating the defense mechanism in the body. As per the archived records of traditional practitioners and the medical reports filed by the modern day medical experts, it is widely believed that consumption of Panax Ginseng helps in speeding up the process of cytokine secretion to a substantial extent.

How Korean Red Ginseng Fights Inflammatory Diseases & Hastens the Healing Process:

Inflammation is the bodily response to stimuli caused by injury, irritants and pathogen. An inflammation is an acute reaction by the body, wherein leukocytes and plasma proteins are moved quickly to the injured tissues. Although this is an instant repair mechanism of the body, the resultant inflammation may be detrimental for the host. From medieval times medical specialists from oriental countries have been administering Korean Red Ginseng as a viable option to reduce the chronic inflammation and speed up the healing process. Korean Red Ginseng has an innate cytokine regulating property having an anti-inflammatory response that provides immense relief to patients suffering from asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory disorders. Ginseng is also believed to suppress the hyper sensitivity of the respiratory tract and considerably easing the lung functions

The positive health benefits and the healing properties of Korean Red Ginseng are being unraveled on a regular basis by the medical community world over. There have been numerous instances wherein this herb is being used as a viable alternative remedy to boost immunity levels in the human body and propagate a sense of well-being.


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