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Korean Red Ginseng for Boosting Libido and Treating Infertility in Men

Korean Red Ginseng for Boosting Libido and Treating Infertility in Men

Many of us possibly believe in the floating rumours that aphrodisiacs are mere mythical substances designed imaginatively to invoke sexual desires in men and women in stories, but is this only about aphrodisiacs or there is more to it? Over the decades Korean Red Ginseng, an adaptogenic elementary flora has proven itself to be a strong aphrodisiac that functions effectively in boosting your libido. And all these have far-fetching benefits in driving away male infertility. The following discussion is on the merits of this Asian medicinal wonder, especially as an aphrodisiac. But first let us explore in little more detail about ginseng.

What Is Ginseng?

Ginseng is one of the most important and time-honoured traditional Korean and Chinese Medicine, with a history of safe use for over 1,000 years. Korean Ginseng, scientifically, is known as Panax ginseng (‘panacea’ in Greek means a drug that cures all), and has historically been used to treat a range of diseases that span from as trivial as daily fatigue, stress to as fatal as infertility, diabetes, neurological disorder etc.

Among the various species of ginseng, Korean red ginseng has proven itself to be the most effective as it contains substances of multiple groups of ginsenosides and saponins in larger proportion than found in other types of ginseng. Mainly, the afore-mentioned medicinal properties are embedded in the thick roots of this herb. But consumers should solicit 6-years grown ginseng, for the younger roots are not potent enough to provide the health benefits it promises. Korean ginseng supplements are made of 6-years grown red ginseng root extract.

Ginseng is naturally white in color and red ginseng is derived by organically steaming and drying newly harvested fresh white ginseng. The procedure locks the propitious elements for human consumption. It makes the Korean red ginseng most potent for health purposes as well as the strongest adaptogenic herb in the species and is therefore superior to its American or Siberian counterpart.

Now, let’s not deviate anymore from what we were discussing and check out what sexual dysfunctionalities men chiefly suffer from. Questions may arise what relation sexual dysfunctionality carries with infertility. But isn’t it obvious that infertility in most of the cases stems from sexual complexities and dysfunction? So, let’s learn more on this.

What Are the Types of Sexual Dysfunctionalities?

There are three types of sexual dysfunctionalities as follows:

Erectile dysfunction

It is the inability to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. The reasons behind this ailment are a number of physical and also psychological triggers. Physical conditions include diabetes, kidney and liver issues, heart diseases, alcoholism and smoking, hormonal imbalance, and other chronic diseases. The psychological actants are mental disorders such as stress and prolonged depression.

Ejaculation complexity

Ejaculatory problems are of three categories: premature (where ejaculation occurs very soon), inhibited (there is hardly any ejaculation, or a very slow one), and retrograde (where the sperm instead of flowing through urethra flows back to the bladder; this is the most complicated form of ejaculatory issues).

Fertility problem

Infertility may occur for various reasons such as hormonal imbalance, regular dosage of antidepressants, smoking, alcoholism etc.

The regular intake of Korean Red Ginseng has proved to be effective against many maladies that may inflict a man.

Ginseng in Treating Male Infertility.

To date, one of the least discussed aspects about ginseng is, however, its aphrodisiac qualities; its effects on male and female libido and improving fertility. Studies have brought to the fore that 60% of the cases of erectile dysfunction benefit by a regular use of the herb. Korean red ginseng contains many types of ginsenoside saponins that are unique phytochemicals which make it, “[O]ne of the several fertility herbs, as an adrenal tonic and adaptogen, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory and overall tonic for vitality, energy and overall well-being” (Hong, B. et. Al, 2002).

The positive effects of Korean red ginseng, especially on male fertility, are five-fold:

1) Promotes Healthy Body Function:

Ginseng strengthens the immune system, combats stress, promotes healthy blood circulation, and increases stamina. Irregular function of all these may have a detrimental effect on your sexual performance, which may cause infertility.

2) Increases Sperm Count and Motility:

Korean ginseng helps to increase the sperm count and motility during each ejaculation. If the sperm count is less than 20 million per ejaculation, it is medically considered to be inadequate for procreation. Motility is the trajectory of the sperms which move in almost a straight line in case of a normal and healthy man, whereas the ones with poor motility follow a spiral path, making it insufficient to impregnate the female ovary. Research suggests Korean ginseng may help to increase the overall motility up to 50% per ejaculation.

3) Regulate Hypothalamus:

Korean ginseng supports the hypothalamus of a male body which raises the flow of testosterone in his body that makes the heart pump faster and combats cortisol hormone which increases stress.

4) Stabilizes the Blood Sugar Level:

Studies also show that Korean ginseng may help lower the glucose level in blood thereby keeping blood sugar in check in males. Having long lasting erection becomes difficult if there is presence of high level of glucose in body.

5) Helps in Controlling Depression:

Korean ginseng has a calming effect on human body which supports a healthy depression management system. Your libido will suffer if you are undergoing depression.

Korean Ginseng in Treating Various Other Ailments

Korean red ginseng has been accepted worldwide as an effective herbal remedy, without any side-effects whatsoever, for a plethora of ailments other than sexual dysfunctionality and infertility. Viral infection, excess level of cholesterol and blood sugar, constriction in lungs muscles, rapid ageing, inflammation, stress issues, and mental disorders are a few of the many health problems to name, that Korean ginseng has been traditionally used for and which certain studies show positive indications for. To name such a beneficial plant, ‘the king of herbs’, will not be an exaggeration at all.

In Conclusion

Korean red ginseng is a wonderful herb for health and well-being. Besides ingesting ginseng, eight hours of daily sleep, keeping stress at bay, sunbathing and consuming foods with more vitamins A and E, will add feathers to your sexual appetite and performance. Life is a little better with good sex and being a father is possibly one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in your possession on the earth. Korean ginseng might well be your key to both of these.


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