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Secret Formulas for Workouts? They're likely to include Ginsenocides

Secret Formulas for Workouts? They're likely to include Ginsenocides

As you probably already know, a regular workout routine can yield numerous health benefits. These range from improving the look of your physique, burning calories, and whittling down your body fat percentage, to providing you with more energy throughout the day. But when it comes down to energy in particular, what if you don’t have enough of it to even motivate you to go to the gym in the first place?

Your body’s energy levels can be thought of, metaphorically, as a car having a certain amount of fuel. If your car (body) has a lot of fuel reserves (energy levels), then most likely you’ll be able to enjoy some really great, sustained workouts. However, if your fuel levels are on the lower end of the spectrum, you’ll often find that you feel too fatigued and worn out to want to “bother” with anything strenuous; let alone a good workout.

What is fatigue and what causes it?

Fatigue is a general feeling of tiredness, such as when you feel burnt-out and lack energy. Of course, fatigue can be a normal response after experiencing strenuous physical activity. But, it can eventually become a pathological reaction that will affect your ability to engage in even less intensive activities. Even after an ample amount of rest.

Fatigue is basically a state of very low mental and physical function, accompanied by feeling lethargic or lazy. These factors can result in a burning sensation in certain muscle groups that you worked while engaging in certain physical activities. In more severe cases, fatigue can even cause you to come down with a fever.

There are numerous causes for fatigue, including the inability to get a restful sleep at night (insomnia), mental stress, and being under extraordinary physical duress. Malnutrition and anemia can also be big contributors to a lack of energy and make people feel worn out and deflated.

Needless to say, whatever the cause of your lack of energy, fatigue can periodically set in and decrease your overall energy levels during those gym workouts. Of course, this lack of energy means that you’ll be much less efficient with your time while working out since you’re not capable of reaching your true mental and physical potential.

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng, AKA Panax Ginseng, has been used for thousands of years in many Asian countries such as Korea, China, and Japan. Panax literally means 'all heal' in the Greek language. In Asia, the Chinese characters of ginseng originated from the human-like shape of the ginseng root. Ginsenosides are the active chemical components within Korean Ginseng which give it such powerful, health-enhancing properties. 

Some of the traditional, health-boosting effects of Panax Ginseng are the replenishment of vital energy, general mood elevation, and longevity. Thus, since ancient times, this wonder root has long been considered as a panacea that promotes overall health and happiness. 

In addition, modern pharmacological studies have revealed that Ginsenocides contains adaptogenic qualities that reduce stress levels and promote heightened energy levels. This, in turn, can enable you to get much more of your workouts, as opposed to burning out and leaving the gym earlier than you expected to. So, enjoy better workouts with Panax Ginseng! 

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