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History of Korea Ginseng Corp

History of Korea Ginseng Corp

What is Korean Red Ginseng?

Korean Red Ginseng (KRG) is a ginseng root that takes many years to cultivate before it can be harvested. Well, it can be said that many great things come to those who wait; as it is no different with Korean Red Ginseng. The Korean Red Ginseng that is manufactured and distributed by the Korea Ginseng Corp is above the rest of their competitors, it is the best Korean red ginseng. This Korean Red Ginseng provides so many medicinal properties that offer so many benefits to those who desire a healthier lifestyle and increased longevity.

Korea Ginseng Corp

Korea Ginseng Corp’s (KGC) mission statement is to provide consumers with the purest, carefully extracted Korean Red Ginseng in order to make individual’s lives better. Korea Ginseng Corp is the most reputable red ginseng manufacturer that focuses on the consumer. Korea Ginseng Corp also has been deemed trustworthy, reputable and reliable, which is exactly what consumers desire when they are choosing a product that is so important to their individual health. The goal of the Korea Ginseng Corp is to provide the public with a Korean Red Ginseng that is superior to the rest and that will promote longevity and health. The motto of Korea Ginseng Corp is they put their customers first so that each individual can face any challenge that he or she may face.

CheongKwanJang is known globally for its impeccable and superior Korean Red Ginseng brand. CheongKwanJang is globally operational across many countries including, but not limited to China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. CheongKwanJang is also successfully operating in the United States. These operational sites are bringing to the population a product that has received many acknowledgements for their superior product.

History of CheongKwanJang

Korean Red Ginseng has been around since the nineteenth century. In 1899, Samjungkwa was developed, which preceded the ChoengKwanJang brand to cultivate Korean Red Ginseng and nurture its properties to provide medicinal benefit to the Korean people. This part of the history spanned many decades. It was not until around mid-1950s, 1956 to be exact in which the Korean Red Ginseng market began to prosper globally. Making its name known globally, across many nations at this time it was becoming the most successful Korean Red Ginseng industry in the world. It was not until the late 1970s, 1978 to be exact, when the Korean Ginseng Factory became the largest globally. The expansion of Korean Red Ginseng continued into the next decade, which focused on creating an international market that allowed Korean Red Ginseng to be marketed globally for its many health benefits. Korea Ginseng Corp is the parent company. Moving into the twenty-first century, Korea Ginseng Corp became an independent company that focused on the health food industry, with its primary focus on Korean Red Ginseng. Now, today Korea Ginseng Corp continues to franchise globally allowing those companies to market Korean Red Ginseng to help so many others around the world.

Since the eighteenth century, there has been a development of loyalty and trust that has been created by this company. It has successfully enter the market to provide those consumers with Korean Red Ginseng. The motto is to inspire others to live their fullest life and consume this red ginseng that will add longevity and health benefit to their individual lives. Korean Red Ginseng is the ginseng that will make that difference. This is just the beginning, as Korea Ginseng Corp continues to launch franchises globally, more people will be able to experience the benefits that Korean Red Ginseng has to offer.

Korean Red Ginseng: the past, the present and the future

Korean Red Ginseng has been around for many centuries and has offered many benefits across both Western and Eastern medicine. Korean Red Ginseng has expanded globally, and is a product that speaks for itself with its antioxidant and anticancer properties. As, Korean Red Ginseng is being franchised across many nations, it is continuously expanding and being an active part of the future. Korean Ginseng Corp is becoming more and more well known globally and with that heightens popularity. Today, the population is more in-tune with what it means to find alternative therapies to Western medicine to help them remain healthy and live their full lives. Korean Red Ginseng is continually being proven to be the supplement that offers this benefit.

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