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Various Types of Ginseng products currently on the market and Compare/Contrast

Various Types of Ginseng products currently on the market and Compare/Contrast

There are many different types of ginseng products on the market.  Each type of ginseng claims to be the best and offers the public with the greatest health benefits.  However, Korean Red Ginseng since the eighteenth century and has received accolades and acknowledgements for its superior quality and the brand, CheonKwanJang, made by the Korea Ginseng Corp is the best Korean red ginseng.

CheongKwanJang has been providing Korean red ginseng products since the beginning and has continued to expand to become global players in the food and health industry.  This brand is bringing health, wellness and opportunity to take control of one’s health through natural, carefully cultivated Korean red ginseng.  They have expanded the market, and have produced so many different products that appeal to people of all ages. 

Korean red ginseng is not only in a root form, but the nutrients and benefits of Korean red ginseng can be consumed in the form of teas, flavorful drinks, candies, energy shots, skincare products and pill supplements.  Each of these different types offer benefits that promote health and longevity.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract Pills or Capsules

Korean red ginseng extract pills and capsules offer many added benefits over competitors.  These are all natural supplement that uses Korean red ginseng that has been growing for 6 years before it is harvested.  Once it is harvested it undergoes an extensive steaming and drying process that allows those natural antioxidants to become activated.  What sets this product aside from others is that it is a stimulant free source of energy, free from bitter after taste, offers superfood benefits and is vegan friendly.  This product is also gluten free and NON-GMO.  There are no fillers, preservatives or any other chemicals added, thus allowing for all the benefits without any of the side effects associated.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract Instant Tea

Korean Red Ginseng

For individuals who wish to sustain the benefits of Korean Red Ginseng but do not like to take supplements or rather not swallow pills, there are Korean Red Ginseng Extract Instant Teas available. The tea granules dissolve and create a smooth tea.  It is low calorie and easy to carry with you on the go.  It is made with Korean Red Ginseng that has been harvested after 6 years for maximal benefits.

Korean Red Ginseng Candies

Korean Red Ginseng Extract can be found in the form of throat candies along with other added ingredients.  These throat candies are sugar-free and help with sore throats and coughs.

Korean Red Ginseng Candies

Korean Red Ginseng Skincare


There are many skincare products that Korea Ginseng Corp has developed.  Donginbi is their brand that is made with high quality and superior benefits of Korean red ginseng than any others on the market.  There are exfoliators, moisturizers, cleansers, softeners and serums.  Each of these have the powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties from the Korean red ginseng root.  all while making your skin look and feel smooth and replenished.

Why the products are superior?

These products are superior because they are made from high quality Korean Red Ginseng root that has been cultivated for 6 years and then harvested.  At the 6 years is when the root unleashes its maximum health components.  After the root has been harvested, it undergoes an extensive steaming and drying process that allows the active ingredients to be activated and that allows for all of those health and wellness benefits to be transmitted into the product.  Korean Red Ginseng increases focus, lowers stress and fatigue, and boosts the immune system, supports a healthy metabolism, any many more benefits.


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