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Skip Coffee & Initiate Healthy Living with Caffeine-free Ginseng Tea This Holiday

Skip Coffee & Initiate Healthy Living with Caffeine-free Ginseng Tea This Holiday

Every year comes with a bundle of new hopes, dreams, joys, commitments, and of course, new year resolutions. As a new year is knocking on the door, this is the high time to decide on a new year resolution for the year 2018. In this modern era, health has become a growing concern. Due to our fast-paced lifestyle, enjoying a healthy living has become more challenging. But, a little consciousness is all that one needs to live healthy. Modern people tend to indulge in some daily activities that can invite health complications at an early age. One of these harmful activities is drinking coffee several times a day. This may give energy for a very short span of time, but this habit can slowly cause long-term health issues. Therefore, nothing can be a better new year resolution than skipping coffee to initiate a healthy living.

Take the initiative now and make sure your new year resolutions are meaningful. You may be thinking what would be a good substitute for coffee. Ginseng tea is a great solution for it and should be included in the daily routine.

Ginseng Tea - What is It?

Ginseng is a perennial herb that grows in the mountain regions of China, Korea, and North America. In the Eastern society, this plant has been admired for having a bunch of medicinal properties and used to treat a wide array of symptoms. Ginseng tea is extracted from ginseng root. Ginsenosides, the main element of this herbal tea, is the key reason behind a number of health benefits of ginseng. American Academy of Family Physicians has stated that ginseng tea contains a great amount of anti-carcinogenic properties.

Ginseng vs Coffee - A Brief Comparison

Before discarding an age-old habit, one might need some valid reasons to back up such a decision. The table given below is presenting a comparison between ginseng tea and coffee that can help one skip coffee and initiate drinking ginseng tea this holiday.


Ginseng Tea


Anabolic - Ginseng is caffeine free. This anabolic (An herb or other ingredient that is able to contribute to the constructive metabolism) herb, generates energy in the human body and promotes health and vitality. It helps consumed food to break down into natural sugars that can be used by the body cells easily.

Catabolic - Coffee contains a huge amount of caffeine and this feature has made it catabolic (An element like caffeine that promotes destructive metabolism) in nature. It produces energy, but the way of offering energy may have adverse effects on health. The process breaks down the nutrients, present in the body, making them less effective.

Reduces Anxiety & Stress - Ginseng tea promotes resistance to anxiety and stress. It relieves the excessive adrenal glands and eliminates tension from the nervous system.

Produces Anxiety - Caffeine, an active ingredient of coffee can cause anxiety. Apart from these, caffeine can cause agitation, rapid breathing, irritability, nervousness, trembling hands etc.


Revives Mind - A study demonstrates that ginseng can stimulate mental clarity, memory functions, and other cognitive functions. It keeps mind fresh and active.

Drains up Energy - Caffeine offers a short-term freshness by draining up the energy stored in the nerves. It removes the awareness of the nervous system for certain time. In this way, it can cause a crashing energy lag in the long run.

Improves Kidney Functions - One of the major benefits of ginseng is cleansing blood. Kidney is responsible for filtering blood in human body. Therefore, purifying nature of ginseng can support the functions of kidneys.

Invites Kidney Dysfunctions - People who drink coffee several times on a regular basis tend to go to the toilet more than the ones who do not drink coffee. This is because prolonged use of coffee agitates and damages kidneys.

Heals Ulcers - Ginseng has been called “All Healing Herb” for its healing effects. Ginseng improves digestive system and helps the body cells repair themselves to heal ulcer and inflammation.

Causes Ulcers - Coffee can create irritation in the stomach lining and lead to the gastric ulcers. It can destroy the digestion system slowly. Gastric ulcer creates severe pain and affects one's living.

Supports Cardiovascular System - Ginseng can lower blood pressure in patients suffering from high blood pressure and can increase the levels of blood pressure on people having low blood pressure. Therefore, regular use of ginseng tea can release tension and ease the strain on the heart.

Increases Heart Diseases - Coffee increases blood pressure, cholesterol level, and nervous tension; makes the heartbeat irregular - all these contribute to heart diseases. As per the study, coronary heart attack is more common in people who usually drink five or more cups of coffee a day.

Controls Sugar - Ginseng helps diabetic patients by controlling sugar. It keeps harmony in the blood sugar levels by regulating these levels properly.

Increases Blood Sugar Levels - When the body fails to regulate sugar in the blood, diabetes and hypoglycemia can take place. Coffee increases blood sugar levels in the diabetic patients and lowers it in the people suffering from hypoglycemia. Both conditions can be life threatening.

Benefits of Ginseng Tea

Ginseng tea offers a host of health benefits including:

Treats sexual dysfunction

Improves cognitive and brain functions

Fights off obesity

Eases menstrual cramps

Combats Cold & Flu

Boosts Energy & Immune System

In Conclusion

The aforementioned points are enough to establish why coffee needs to be replaced by ginseng tea. To enjoy a healthy new year and holidays, start having ginseng tea without any delay.


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