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5 Ways Ginseng Acts as a Memory-Boosting Herb

5 Ways Ginseng Acts as a Memory-Boosting Herb

5 Ways Ginseng Acts as a Memory-Boosting Herb

Panax ginseng
is a traditional Korean and Chinese herb known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. The herb has a host of health benefits, including the potential to boost your memory.

As ginseng is an ancient Chinese medicine, its name comes from a Chinese word “rénshēn.” Here, “rén” means human and “shēn” stands for plant root, the root of this plant looks like human legs. Ginseng belongs to genus panax, which means “all-healing.” Truly, the name of this herbal medicine compliments its properties like antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, etc.

Korean or Red panax ginseng contains ginsenosides, a compound that protects against memory impairments by guarding nerve cells. The herb promotes brain health, cognitive performance, and has beneficial effects on memory and neurological disorders.

There have been numerous researches carried on the usefulness of ginseng as memory boosting herb and studies have found that this herb promotes overall good mental health. Here are 5 mental health benefits of ginseng.

1. Enhances memory in young adults

A study carried with 56 healthy young adults proves that ginseng can improve memory quality and cognitive functioning.

While a lot has been researched about ginseng’s main components like polysaccharides and saponins, very less is known about oligosaccharides, which is the secondary active ginseng component. Oligosaccharide is an effective supplement for disorders related to brain inflammation and cognitive impairment.

Red panax ginseng usage leads to increased focus and concentration, and encourages relaxation and calmness in adults. It also reduces memory loss risks and enhances cognitive functions.

2. Prevents memory loss

We have all heard about Alzheimer’s, a neurodegenerative disease, that leads to difficulty in remembering incidences. Alzheimer’s also becomes a major reason that causes dementia, a disease that decreases the thinking and remembering capability of a person.

Ginseng helps in preventing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease by restricting beta-amyloid accumulation. Amyloid is the main reason behind this disorder and merely 4.5 g intake of ginseng for 12 weeks daily can show effective results.

Ginsenoside, a panax ginseng compound, reduces the beta-amyloid deposition and enhances brain health, which together reduces and improves Alzheimer’s memory impairments.

According to a research, panax ginseng significantly increased memory functioning of the patients who were suffering from dementia.

3. Reduces effects of brain disorders

Alzheimer’s affects many elderly, and currently, there is no treatment that can reduce the effects of this disease. Chronic stress is a major reason for Alzheimer’s as it induces functional impairments in the brain that leads to this disease. Ginsenosides found abundantly in ginseng reduces the effects and protects against memory impairments.

A research involving 64 people having schizophrenia who were given ginsenosides for 4 weeks showed a significant improvement in working memory.

Sepsis-associated encephalopathy (SAE) is a critical neurological condition related to brain dysfunction which often leads to brain inflammation. Ginseng compound ginsenoside has anti-inflammatory properties, and it improves cognitive impairments and survival rate in SAE.

4. Works as a neuroprotective agent

One such major advantage of ginseng is the prevention of neurological disorders. A lot of people today suffer from anxiety and depression mainly because of the lifestyle and other societal pressures. Ginseng has herbal anti-depressant, anti-stress, and anti-anxiety properties. People who regularly consume this herb feel more calm and relaxed.

Though ginseng is an amazing herb for improved memory, learning, and cognitive functioning, its dosage should be kept in check. The correct amount of intake can relieve stress and fatigue.

5. Prevents decline in memory caused by aging

One of the main effects of aging is declining cognition and memory. As people grow old, they lose the capability to remember things and their memory capability starts declining. Regular ginsenoside treatment fights this memory decline caused by aging.

By now, it is evident that ginseng contains anti-inflammatory properties, and this property of ginseng reduces the effects of aging-related memory decline in adults. A research shows that if ginseng is consumed on a long-term basis, it shows significant improvement in age-related memory impairment and learning capabilities.

In Conclusion

We believe ginseng is a super-herb. It has many benefits. There are numerous studies that prove ginseng as one of the best herbal medicines for physical and mental health. For people who are suffering from age-induced memory issues like Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc., regular intake of ginseng can prove to be very helpful. Ginseng promotes good brain health and improves memory.

One of the biggest problem seen in today's world seen with middle-aged people and young adults today is stress and anxiety. Ginseng is a natural anti-stress and anti-anxiety herb. It relieves stress and calms the mind.

Stay happy and healthy, and keep us updated on your ginseng experience.

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