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Body Temperature, Immunity, and Ginseng

Body Temperature, Immunity, and Ginseng

Body Temperature and Immune System Functioning

Body temperature increases are associated with an increased immune response.  A rise in body temperature is related to an increase in leukocyte production. Leukocytes are key cells in the body’s immune response that help to fight off foreign substances invading the body such as viruses.

Body Temperature, Circulation, and Immune Response

Research published in the Journal of Physiology indicates that increased body temperature causes a dilation of blood vessels. This dilation allows more blood to flow, and therefore, increases blood circulation. Increased blood circulation means an increase in the ability of the body to transport key nutrients and cells – including lymphocytes produced as part of the immune system response – throughout the body. Further, according to research published in Circulation Research, increased circulation also improves the body’s inflammatory and reparative response when tissue is damaged or infected.

Ginseng, Body Temperature, and Circulation

A clinical study published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine examined the effects of Korean red ginseng consumption on body temperature and circulation.  This study examined the effects of Korean red ginseng consumption, tested against a placebo group, and found that those who had taken the extract showed increased body temperatures. Examination of the difference in forehead, abdomen, and palm temperature showed no noticeable difference indicating that consuming Korean red ginseng extract equalized body heat distribution. Finally, this study also found that Korean red ginseng extract improved circulation.

Ginseng and Your Immune System

Korean red ginseng is processed by steaming the root prior to drying it, which provides the most potent delivery of the health benefits of ginseng, as well as providing the best assurance of the safety and preservation of the ginseng root. The health benefits of ginseng have long been known and are well studied by medical and homeopathic experts in a range of fields. Ginseng provides numerous immune system functioning and regulatory benefits. 

Much research has focused on the ways in which ginseng regulates the production of macrophages, dendritic cells, and Natural Killer cells and the response of antibodies - which serve frontline immunological functions, increasing the body’s ability to fight off viral and bacterial infections. As well, ginseng has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative benefits. Beyond the health benefits of Korean red ginseng associated with regulating lymphocyte production and general immune system responses, there is clinical evidence showing that Korean red ginseng also increases and equalizes body temperature and improves the circulation of blood which distributes vital lymphocytes and nutrients throughout the body and reduces inflammation in injured areas.

Because ginseng provides benefits to the immune system, taking ginseng regularly in the form of extracts, tonics, supplement pills, beverages, or by itself may help support healthy immune function as an immune supplement.

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