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Cheon Nok Tonic

Cheon Nok Tonic

CheonKwanJang is responsible for the production of the best Korean Red Ginseng as well as other ginseng supplements.  Korea Ginseng Corp has worked extremely hard to create a vertical integration system in which highly qualified and highly trained professionals that work vigorously to ensure that every step of the production, cultivation, harvest, and quality of the Korean Red Ginseng that CheonKwanJang ensures reaches each consumer.  The Korean Red Ginseng is cultivated for 6 years before it undergoes an extensive harvesting process to ensure the highest quality of product.  

Cheon Nok Tonic

Cheon Nok Tonic contains both Korean Red Ginseng and Deer Antler Velvet Premium. This product combines the immune stimulation properties of the 6-year-old grown Korean Red Ginseng with the highest quality of Deer Antler Velvet which promotes immune health while reducing fatigue and promoting longevity and vitality.  

CheongKwanJang takes the quality standards and safety standards of both Korean Red Ginseng and Deer Antler Velvet very seriously and ensures that these standards are met before any product reaches the consumer.  

Who is the recommended individual for Cheon Nok Tonic? 

Cheon Nok Tonic comes in a 70 mL pouch, with this current product containing a total of 30 pouches. Korean Red Ginseng and Deer Antler Velvet have been used for centuries as a means for immune stimulation by those practicing Eastern medicine. Those in Eastern medicine have found how truly beneficial both Korean Red Ginseng and Deer Antler Velvet have been on promoting immune health via immune modulation and stimulation. Korean Red Ginseng contains ginsenosides that have even been shown to have anti-tumor benefits (Reyes, 2020). Deer Antler Velvet has been shown to boost the body’s natural ability to protect against foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. Deer Antler Velvet has even been used as a method to strengthen the immune system and promote endurance while reducing fatigue. Deer Antler Velvet has also been associated with alleviating stressors that reduce the immune system’s ability to prevent illness; therefore, alleviating illness much quicker (Gevir, 2018). 

Cheon Nok Tonic is a tonic that is recommended for individuals who have weak physical health, including those who struggle with increasing fatigue on a daily basis.  Fatigue can alter one’s lifestyle substantially.  It prevents one from living the life he or she was meant to live because of the struggles associated with poor physical health and fatigue. Those that have weak immune systems, lack physical vitality; as well as those that are easily fatigued, tired, and exhausted.  Fatigue can be a result of being overworked, increased stress in either one’s personal or professional life, and also can be present in those individuals who do not have a regular routine (KGC, 2020).  


The quality of Cheon Nok Tonic by CheongKwanJang is, “made by processing highly-coveted deer antlers, a time-honored curator of human health, under strict quality control and through the use of our traditional wisdom” (KGC, 2020).  CheongKwanJang has lived up to its 100-year-old premium reputation by ensuring that each of the antlers are handpicked only from the healthiest deer.  These deer are grown in their natural environments and their quality is meticulously examined to ensure that the highest standard of Deer Antler Velvet is obtained for this specific Cheon Nok Tonic product.  

The safety of the animal is the most important when ensuring the highest quality of Deer Antler Velvet within this Cheon Nok Tonic. The deer antler velvet is gathered in a compassionate and animal humane way without any harm coming to the animal.  It is because of these high standards that CheongKwanJang can ensure only the highest quality of product is brought to the consumer. 


Cheon Nok Tonic is being offered by Korea Ginseng Corp for a limited time at a discount. Currently Cheon Nok Tonic is begin offered for a 12% discount when purchased. This reduces the price of Cheon Nok Tonic from $279.99 USD to $244.00 until October 4th, 2020. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to prioritize your health.

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