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Cool Down with Refreshing, Flavorful, and Healthy Iced Ginseng Tea or Ginseng Infused Water

Cool Down with Refreshing, Flavorful, and Healthy Iced Ginseng Tea or Ginseng Infused Water

Beat the Heat

Summertime can be the most enjoyable season: the warmth of the sun on your skin, pools, picnics, and flora and fauna in full bloom. However, summer can also be one of the most challenging seasons: heat waves and the energy and mood drains that accompany it. Beyond heat-induced energy and mood drops, the increased interactions and crowds can also pose increased exposure to germs and viruses and thus increased challenges for your immune system. 

Luckily, super potent Korean red ginseng is ready to come to the rescue on all fronts! Korea Ginseng Corp’s array of the best Korean red ginseng roottea, and delicious flavored drinks can be used alone or incorporated into the following refreshing and delicious recipes to help you beat the summer heat and regain your energy, balance your mood, and boost your immune system. 

Ginseng Flavor Profile and its Compliments

Korean red ginseng has a very interesting flavor profile. The best and most common way to describe the flavor of ginseng is “earthy and bitter”. “Bitter” is a term most everyone is familiar with.“Earthy” however, may be a flavor that is less well-known. To say something has an “earthy” flavor is a way of describing a sort of mildly grassy or fresh soil taste. 

This may sound odd to many people - you may be thinking “who would want to eat grass or soil?”. However, many popular foods, spices, and drinks have what would be described as “earthy” flavors such as root vegetables, green tea, mushrooms, herbs like rosemary and thyme, and some red wines. “Earthiness” is a flavor that can provide a light and cleansing flavor experience that can be very refreshing in the summer. 

Citrus and ginger are two flavors that complement and balance the flavor of Korean red ginseng. The sweetness of citrus or ginger balances the bitterness of ginseng. The tartness of citrus and the bite of ginger adds complexity to the delicate earthy taste of ginseng and provides a lively burst of energizing flavor. 

Ginseng Tea and Root: Unending Versatility

KGC’s line of Korean red ginseng teas and roots can be used to create simple, health-boosting, and refreshing teas and flavored waters to cool you down and lift your energy, focus, and mood. 

Ginseng on Ice I: Tea

KGC’s Korean red ginseng teas are a simple and delicious way to beat the summer heat. Simply mix the Korean red ginseng tea mix or, if you prefer, use KCG’s Korean red ginseng root to make your own tea mix and ice it. There are two methods for making iced tea – similar to iced coffee – you can either make the tea hot, and extra strong, and then combine with an equal amount of ice and mix, or you can brew it hot and let it cool in the refrigerator (or freezer for faster cooling) – making sure not to put it in the refrigerator (or freezer) until it is no longer steaming hot. 

Ginseng on Ice II: Flavored Water

Alternatively, if you would prefer a more mellow flavor, you can make your own herbal flavored water drink. To make ginseng flavored water simply chop KGC Korean red ginseng root, place in a tea strainer or tea satchel, place in the water, and let sit in your refrigerator for at least 8 hours, stirring occasionally to infuse the flavor into the water. 

Add a Burst of Energizing Lemon

For an added burst of flavor or to balance the flavor of the Korean red ginseng, you can add lemon juice (I suggest 1-2 tablespoons per 8 ounces per your preference) - and honey if you want it a bit sweeter. Mix the lemon juice (and honey if are including it) into the hot prepared tea before cooling, mix well, and let the flavors infuse during the cooling process.  

If using in the flavored water drink, simply add the lemon juice into the water before letting it sit in the refrigerator.

Maximize Refreshment with Cooling Mint

If you want to maximize the refreshing nature of this delicious and light iced tea, you could add the cooling flavor of mint. I suggest chopping up mint leaves and letting it seep in the tea along with the ginseng. Citrus and mint are complementary flavors, so you can also include the lemon juice in the mint-ginseng tea as well for a complex, potently-refreshing, light but flavor-packed iced tea that incorporates the power of ginseng to boost your immune system, energy level, and mood. 

If you want to incorporate the cooling zing of mint into your flavored water, simply chop up the mint leaves and include them with the ginseng root in the tea strainer or satchel. 

Be an Ice Queen (or King)

To truly maximize the crisp, cooling, refreshing, and energizing impact of either ginseng tea or ginseng flavored water - with lemon and/or mint as you please – give it a freeze. Simply make your iced tea or flavored water as instructed and pour the prepared drink into an ice cube tray. Making sure to pour the tea only after it has cooled to a lukewarm temperature. If you want the effect of a popsicle you can place popsicle sticks in the ice cube slots. Freeze for 5-8 hours and enjoy! 

Korea Ginseng Corp

Korea Ginseng Corp is your source for an array of the best Korean red ginseng products available. CheongKwanJang brand Korean Red Ginseng products include a wide range of cut ginseng root, ginseng supplements – including their new Koreselect line) and tonics, and delicious teasflavored drinks, and treats that can help you function at your peak performance. KGC also offers a skin care line (Donginbi) that can help you radiate your inner wellbeing for the world to see. 


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