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Ginseng for More Effective Exercise

Ginseng for More Effective Exercise

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Regular exercise is one of the single most important lifestyle habits you can adopt to improve your overall physical health, cognitive functioning, and mood. Regular exercise can improve sleep quality and circulation, and increase serotonin and dopamine levels, elevating your mood.

The benefits of exercise – and our desire and physical ability to keep regular exercise routines – can be maximized by coupling this healthy lifestyle choice with others such as regular sleep, a healthy diet, ample time for relaxation, and health supplements such as Korean red ginseng.


According to the Mayo Clinic, adults should incorporate at least two and a half hours of moderate, or one and a quarter hour of vigorous, or a combination of both kinds of aerobic activity each week as well as strength training of all major muscle groups twice a week.

Aerobic exercise means any activity that increases your heart rate – anything that gets your blood pumping and speeds up your breathing. It’s recommended that we exercise for at least thirty minutes each day, this can mean three bouts of ten minutes, six of five, or one of thirty.


Korean red ginseng has been linked in clinical studies to a host of health benefits including improved sleep, increased energy, decreased fatigue, boosted immune function, improved circulation, enhanced muscle recovery, and cellular regeneration.

All of these factors can affect the energy you have for exercise, your desire to exercise, and the physical strain you experience during and after exercise. Ginseng can help you feel healthier overall so that you can make healthier decisions and reap maximum benefits from those choices.


One of the most difficult aspects of exercising is finding the energy (or desire) to do it. The demands of our work, home, and social lives can make us feel like we neither have the time nor the energy in the day for exercise. Even as regular exercise can increase our energy levels.

Ginseng supplements can be used not only as an energy supplement but ginseng has also been linked to fatigue recovery. This means ginseng can give you both the sustainable energy you have to make it through the day and help you wake up feeling ready for the next day.


When you are exercising, focusing on the task at hand – and the long-term value, the ultimate purpose, of that activity – is vital. Sometimes, when we don’t feel like exercising, it can be tempting just to shift into autopilot. However, focusing on our exercises is key to health.

Focusing on which muscle groups you are targeting and maintaining a healthy form so you don’t injure yourself are vital to healthy exercise. Evidence indicates that Korean red ginseng may improve concentration, helping you focus on the task at hand, such as your exercises.

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Blood circulation is vital to physical and cognitive functioning. Circulation brings the oxygen and nutrients, such as glucose, necessary for brain functioning. When we exercise, circulation carries the oxygen, lactic acid, and other nutrients necessary for muscular function.

Exercise itself improves circulation. Incorporating ginseng into your diet can double these efforts. Ginseng has been linked to improved circulation by decreasing the number of combined platelets (cells in blood that combine to form clots) – a process which can hinder circulation.


Particularly when we are not used to regular exercise, especially in the case of vigorous aerobic activity and muscle training, muscle fatigue can present real challenges. When we feel drained and strained after the first day of exercise, it can make us reluctant to repeat the experience.

Drinking water and stretching before and after exercise are key to avoiding muscle strains and fatigue. However, incorporating ginseng can also help. Ginseng has been linked to improved muscle recovery, diminished muscle fatigue, and reduced sense of strain during exercise. 


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