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Ginseng Kids Tonic Step 3 -- A Health and Energy Boost for Your 8 to 10 Year Old

Ginseng Kids Tonic Step 3 -- A Health and Energy Boost for Your 8 to 10 Year Old

Between the ages of 8 to 10 years, your children have been in school for some time now and are preparing for the transition to adolescence.  Being around other young people during their grade school years, your children’s immune system has likely strengthened to the point where things like the common cold are not too bad. 

At this age, your children will also likely become more interested in sports and other rigorous activities. Although this is great physical exercise and improves the physical health of your kids, it also puts them at risk of injury as well as the tension of interacting with other team members. 

Starting from the ages of 8-10 especially, parents should be aware of both the physical and mental health of their children as they enter adolescence.  At this age range, the number of diagnoses for various mental disorders like ADHD, anxiety, and depression skyrockets among children. According to the CDC, as many as 7-9% of children between the ages of 8-10 are being diagnosed with these mental disorders. Furthermore, the number of cases of children having anxiety, ADHD, or depression has only gone up in recent years making this an especially important issue for any parent to be aware of. These issues can persist into and strengthen in adolescence, a difficult time for most young people.

Raising children between the ages of 8 and 10 years of age can be daunting for parents, because it means guiding their children through the trying experience of living in society, interacting with others, and dealing with bullies or other difficult people. Whether at school or at soccer practice, it is imperative that you, as a parent, regularly check in with your child on how their social life is doing to gauge their emotional health, as it is tied to their physical health as well as overall well-being.  Another way to improve your child’s overall health and well-being is to offer your kids ginseng supplements, a healthy variety of foods to eat, and encourage regular exercise.

Korea Ginseng Corp Kid Tonic Step 3

To ensure that your children’s health and wellness is in tip-top shape, we have developed Kid Tonic Step 3!  Made with only the highest quality of Korean red ginseng, Korea Ginseng Corp Kid Tonic Step 3 will make for a delicious and nutritious addition to any beverage or tea that your children may be taking.  It is packed in a portable pouch which is perfect for on-the-go snacking. Our products have gone through rigorous quality control processes to ensure that only the best quality Korean ginseng is available for your child. Korea Ginseng Corp Kid Tonic Step 3 includes using Korean red ginseng that has been aged over a period of six years for the maximum amount of nutrients and other compounds to help promote excellent health.  Our Korean red ginseng has undergone 239 laboratory safety tests and a rigorous 18-year production process for the best quality Korean red ginseng tonics available.

About Korean Ginseng Corp

Here at Korea Ginseng Corp (KGC), we offer a variety of drinks, cooking supplements, and other products made with only the best Korean red ginseng. Our ginseng products provide a delicious and earthy addition to any food, tea, or any other beverage you or your child may be taking. Korean red ginseng has been a popular flavor to add to tea for generations, and we wish to continue this legacy by offering you the best quality Korean red ginseng. The most potent kind of ginseng, Korean red ginseng comes with a variety of nutritional and immune support benefits.

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