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Ginseng Tea: Refreshment + Health Support

Ginseng Tea: Refreshment + Health Support
Korean Red Ginseng and Immune Health Support

Korean Ginseng Corp vends the best Korean red ginseng. Korean red ginseng is prepared to produce the most potent delivery of the health supporting properties of ginseng. The immune health supporting properties of ginseng are long-studied and well-reported. These health supporting functions include promoting regulation of the production of macrophages, dendritic cells, and Natural Killer cells, as well as aiding in regulating the response of antibodies. All of these cells and antibodies are key to immune functioning and serve frontline defensive functions in the body’s resistance to viral and bacterial infections.

Korean Ginseng Corp’s Korean Red Ginger Products

KGC offers a range of ginseng supplements including tonics, and health snacks made with extracts. KGC also offers extracts made from their highest quality – “Earth” grade – ginger root. These supplements come in a variety of forms including pills and capsules, pouches, shots, bottles and jars. They come in a range of potencies and at a range of costs suited to those on a budget and those interested making a larger investment in these health-promoting products. KGC also offers pure extracts that can be used to make tea and ready-to-consume ginseng extract shots and mixtures in convenient on-the-go packs. Besides consumable ginseng supplements such as extract for tea and ready-made mixtures, KGC also offers a line of convenient ready-to-use drink and tea including options flavored with pomegranate and plum for a delicious and refreshing quick health boost. KCG also offers teas with added digestive health benefits. KCG also offers a line of processed red ginseng root. KCG offers red ginseng root in a variety of sizes and prices and your choice of grades including good and cut grades.

Whether You Want Soothing Heat + Health Support...

Korean Ginseng Corp’s Korean red ginseng has an earthy and cleansing flavor. Korean red ginseng can be used by itself to make a delicious and soothing hot tea. It can also be combined with other herbs or flavors to produce interesting and health supporting teas. Drinking hot ginseng tea is an excellent way to incorporate ginseng into your diet and to help ease you into your wind-down period. Using Korean red ginseng by itself or in combination with other herbs such as chamomile or Gingko Biloba can boost some of the other health benefits of Korean red ginseng. Korean red ginseng, beyond its immune health boosting abilities is also known to boost mental functions such as concentration as well as aiding in maintenance of sleep cycles – helping you not only get a better night’s sleep and get the most out of the benefits of proper sleep.

...Or Refreshing Cool + Health Support

If you prefer a refreshing and energizing boost you can also try cold ginseng teas. As with the hot tea, Korean red ginseng can be used by itself or in combination with herbs or other flavors such as berries to create a delicious, earthy, and cleansing cold tea. Among Korean red ginseng’s myriad health benefits is its ability to aid in energy and stamina. This makes cold ginseng tea a perfect way to start your day and jump start your morning routine. Ginseng is also associated with improved circulatory health and body temperature regulation. This makes a cold ginseng tea both the perfect pre-workout booster. Beyond this Korean red ginseng is also show to have anti-inflammatory properties which promote muscle recovery, making a cold (or hot) Korean red ginseng tea a perfect post-exercise wind-down and recovery aid.

Korea Ginseng Corp

Korea Ginseng Corp offers the best Korean red ginseng – the most potent form of ginseng. Korea Ginseng Corp offers Korean Red Ginseng products including delicious and healthy teas, candies, tonics, and more – even a ginseng skin care line -- that can help you boost your immune system and help you live your best life.

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