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Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic Jelly Stick: Red Ginseng in Jelly Form

Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic Jelly Stick: Red Ginseng in Jelly Form

Find out more about this ginseng product for women and its wonderful health benefits.

Korean red ginseng is known worldwide as an effective natural immunity booster. Korean red ginseng can be consumed in various forms such as in a cup of warm tea, as a capsule, or as a potent liquid extract. But did you know that you can enjoy this super herb in jelly form too?

Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic is one of CheongKwanJang's ginseng supplements specially made for women. It contains a potent amount of 100% Korean red ginseng that has been grown for six years.

What exactly is in Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic?

Aside from 750 mg of six-year-old extracted Korean red ginseng root, each Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic jelly stick also contains dietary fiber and five fruity ingredients, including prunes, pomegranates, bean-cord grapes, pineapples, and bananas. All these ingredients make this jelly supplement taste really good, making it less bitter and easy to consume.

What can Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic do to your health?

Just like any ginseng supplement, Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic has various benefits to women’s health. And because it contains dietary fiber, it can help support bowel movements as well.  The fruity ingredients can also help support immunity, has antioxidants that can help prevent cancer and heart diseases, and help with fatigue recovery.

Korean red ginseng is known to support a healthy immune system, fight off feelings of stress, raise energy levels, help increase focus and mental clarity, and support healthy blood circulation.

Who should take Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic?

Women who are having problems with constipation should take this jelly ginseng supplement. Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic is also recommended for women who always feel tired and need an energy boost that will last throughout the day.

And because this jelly supplement contains fruit ingredients, it is ideal for women who need red ginseng's benefits but dislike the bitter taste of the herb.

How often should you consume Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic?

You will only need to take one jelly stick of Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic a day, after or between meals. Because of its sweet flavor, you can make it a healthy dessert alternative!

Where can you buy Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic?

You can purchase Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic online at It comes in a can of 20 15-gram jelly stick packs. You can also find other ginseng supplements for women on the website, like the Koreselect Balance, which is made for women struggling with the symptoms of menopause.

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