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Maintaining Women's Health Via A Balanced Panacea

Maintaining Women's Health Via A Balanced Panacea


Health is always – or should always be – a top priority. Today, with the looming threat of winter flu season, the significance of health and health-focused lifestyles are more important than ever. The last thing anyone wants is to have to deal with compounding health challenges and accumulating physical discomforts on top of those from your monthly cycle. Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic Jelly can relieve the discomforts and bring back physical and mental balance while providing immune-system fortification.

Hwa Ae Rak uses the best Korean red ginseng which has been linked to a host of health benefits and alleviation of the host of symptoms associated with these bodily processes. Korea Ginseng Corp uses the best Korean red ginseng to produce their vast line of health boosting products. Korean red ginseng is produced by steaming ginseng root to heighten the potency of the medicinal properties of ginseng while maintaining the quality of the root.


Korea Ginseng Corp’s new Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic Jelly Stick is an innovative and delicious way to regulate your system with all of the added health benefits of Korean red ginseng. Hwa Ae Rak is a tasty health treat made from a combination of the best Korean red ginseng and prunes, pomegranate, grapes, pineapples, and bananas. The fruit content provides a dose of dietary fiber to regulate your system. The combination of fruit and Korean red ginseng provide antioxidant health benefits. Korean red ginseng provides immune-boosting, fatigue-reducing, memory-improving health benefits. Together, this sweet combination provides a potent dose of health boosting ingredients that can be easily incorporated into your daily diet.


Korean red ginseng provides the most potent delivery of health benefits long associated with ginseng. Korean red ginseng has been linked to a spectrum of holistic health benefits that boost the mind and body. Korean red ginseng has been shown in medical studies to be connected to enhanced psychological capacities of concentration and memory as well as sleep-cycle-enhancing and regulating effects.

Korean red ginseng has been associated with a host of physical health benefits as well. Research shows that Korean red ginseng has been linked to improved health at the cellular level providing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Ginseng has also been correlated with improved immune-system functioning – specifically, increased antibody production. Ginseng is also linked to increased circulation, and equalizes distribution of body heat and balances body temperature. Finally, studies have also connected ginseng consumption to heightened energy levels.

Young women face many challenges in life, and it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when one is constantly busy and on-the-go. Ginseng can be a winning part of one’s healthiness journey.


Monthly menstrual cycles bring a host of physical discomforts, mood disruptions, and energy declines related to the hormonal imbalance and anemia-like symptoms associated with the bodily processes occurring during and around your cycle. Common symptoms include, among others: mood imbalances, lack of energy and associated difficulties focusing, as well as disruptions to sleep from physical discomforts.

KGC’s Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic Jelly can help alleviate these symptoms. The fiber in Hwa Ae Rak from prunes, pomegranate, grapes, pineapples, and bananas provide digestive system regulation as well as vitamins and sugars to boost your energy and mood. The Korean red ginseng, which provides the base ingredient of Hwa Ae Rak, is associated with relief of the remaining symptoms associated with mood and sleep balance, general mental performance, and temperature and body function regulation.

Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic Jelly can help you maintain balance to your mental and physical system during your monthly cycle. The ginseng in Hwa Ae Rak can help you get better sleep by enhancing and prolonging the REM phase of your sleep cycle, which in turn can help improve mental focus. Ginseng can also help boost the energy your cycle deprives you of.


Korea Ginseng Corp is your source for an array of the best Korean red ginseng products available. KGC Korean Red Ginseng products include a wide range of cut ginseng root, ginseng supplements – including their new KORESELECT line) and tonics, and delicious teas, flavored drinks, and treats that can help you function at your peak performance. KGC also offers a skin care line that can help you radiate your inner well-being for the world to see.

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