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What is Korean Red Ginseng, Why is it Good?

What is Korean Red Ginseng, Why is it Good?

Korean Red Ginseng manufactured and distributed by the Korea Ginseng Corp has been used for centuries around the globe as a way to boost the immune system that helps fight off many different forms of bacterial and viral infections.  Korean Red Ginseng contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help to create the bodies natural homeostatic balance. When the body is in equilibrium, it promotes health and well-being. 


There are many different forms of ginseng that offer many benefits; however, our best Korean Red Ginseng offers additional benefits that supersede all other forms of ginseng.  The Korean Red Ginseng undergoes a very extensive process from the beginning of its growth to its extraction and distribution.  Korean Red Ginseng is cultivated for six years before it undergoes it’s steaming and air-drying processes.  This allows for the Korean Red Ginseng root to be mature and offer maximum health benefits to achieve optimal efficacy.


Korean Red Ginseng has many components that offer benefits to the immune system. The immune system is the barrier that prevents the outside pathogens of bacteria and viruses from causing infection, illness and harm to the host.  The immune system is essential to ensuring that the individual remain healthy. The immune system mounts an immune response to fight off bacterial and viral pathogens. As we all age, our immune systems do not function as perfectly as they once did at the prime of our youth. Therefore, as we age it is imperative to make sure that we find ways to supplement the immune system to ensure that our body has the capability of fighting off illness and infection to allow for continued health (Newman, 2018).

The immune system is made up of two arms: the adapative immune system and the innate immune system.  The adaptive immune system develops over time as we are exposed to different environmental pathogens. The immune system recognizes these pathogens as foreign and mounts a response to rid the body of these foreign bodies.  The innate immune system is the immune system that we are born with and works to protect us from getting infections as well (Newman, 2018). 

Korean Red Ginseng boosts the immune system and promotes immune health because of its many anti-oxidant and immune boost components. To be more specific, the Korean Red Ginseng contains saponins otherwise known as ginsenosides. These specific saponins are specific to Korean Red Ginseng and offer anti-inflammatory and support the immune system. The three saponins found in Korean. Red Ginseng are Rg3, Rh1 and Rh2 these support immune health while also promoting healthy liver function. 


There are many products manufactured and distributed by the Korea Ginseng Corp that offer many benefits.  One of the most popular items is the Korean Red Ginseng Extract EVERYTIME herbal supplement.  It is Korean Red Ginseng extract that has been cultivated from roots grown for 6 years.  Korean Red Ginseng is a super root that boosts the immune system, boosts energy and promotes memory.

This supplement is Korean Red Ginseng extract that is mixed with purified water. It is packaged in a single use pouch that allows for you to carry the pouch with ease. The single packaged pouch is also creatively developed so that each pouch contains the recommended daily dose of Korean Red Ginseng. The components of the pouch can be consumed just from the pouch or can be added to your drink

It is an all natural product and does not contain caffeine. Korean Red Ginseng has been shown to boost immunity, boost energy and promote physical activity.  Korean Red Ginseng has been around for centuries and continues to offer many benefits to those who wish to promote their own immune health.

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