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Korean Red Ginseng: The Best Natural Remedy for Hair Growth

Korean Red Ginseng: The Best Natural Remedy for Hair Growth

As per recent findings, the all-healing herb - Korean Red Ginseng - is an effective natural remedy to treat hair fall. Korean Ginseng or Korean Red Ginseng is a generic herb found in various parts of Korea. It is also commonly referred to as Asian Ginseng or Panax Ginseng and has gained immense popularity over the last decade owing to its ability to treat various ailments. The medicinal attributes of this herb are diverse.

Researchers are trying to get more insight into how the herb reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth.

Nutritional Constituents of Korean Ginseng:

There are many inherent nutritional elements that have been discovered in Korean Ginseng, which help promote hair growth, such as:

Saponin: Korean Ginseng has a healthy composition of Saponin. The health benefits of this anti-bacterial compound are believed to fight fungal as well as bacterial infections of the scalp in an effective manner. Saponin greatly helps in providing substantial relief from various dandruff-related issues.

Phytosterols: This natural chemical is another effective nourishing agent found in ginseng and is believed to be quite effective in minimizing premature greying of hair.

Terpenidol glycisides or ginsenoside: This nutrient is believed to be highly effective in treating hair loss. It is surmised that ginsenoside strengthens the hair follicles with optimum nutrition, thereby reducing hair fall to a large extent and stimulating healthy hair growth.

Cellulose: Korean Ginseng contains high levels of cellulose that is considered to be extremely beneficial for the hair surface as it acts as a protective shield against sun damage. Cellulose also aids in retaining the natural sheen of the hair.

All these constituents have made Korean Ginseng a popular herbal remedy to combat hair loss.

Research on Benefits of Korean Ginseng for Hair Growth:

There have been extensive studies undertaken on the positive impact of this herb on overall scalp health. The revelations have indicated that there is a strong likelihood of the dermal papilla cells, cells at the small extensions of dermis into epidermis, increasing drastically after continued scalp treatment using Korean Ginseng supplements. This treatment is believed to reduce cell destruction in the scalp area and fuel healthy hair growth.

All these research reports and claims have made Korean Ginseng treatment a highly sought after alternative option to fight hair loss issues compared to other known allopathic hair rejuvenation methods. Allopathic drug treatments are associated with side effects such as weight gain, swollen feet, and unwanted hair growth especially in women. These factors have made Korean Ginseng or Panax Ginseng score higher over allopathic remedies as it is completely natural.

Ginseng hair care methods like Korean Ginseng hair masks are steadily gaining popularity as such methods are supposed to reduce stress levels in an individual. The decrease in stress levels promulgates a sense of overall well-being and improves blood circulation to all parts of the human body including the scalp, thereby promoting healthier hair regeneration.

Korean Ginseng for Treating Alopecia:

The Korea University College of Medicine has claimed to have conducted several experiments to deduce the benefits of Korean ginseng therapy on individuals suffering from alopecia - a condition wherein hair loss is triggered resulting in formation of bald patches on the scalp. The results of these research studies are believed to have brought forth numerous instances wherein the patients have observed a significant improvement in their condition.

The benefits of Korean Ginseng are believed to be enhanced when accompanied by a nutritional diet. Hence, it is recommended to have a healthy diet plan in place for hastening the hair growth process.

Additional Health Benefits of Korean Ginseng:

Since centuries, Korean Red Ginseng has been known to be an effective herbal remedy for boosting lung performance, improving the immune system, relieving high stress levels, streamlining sleep pattern, and enhancing concentration level.

Korean Ginseng or Asian Ginseng is believed to reduce the effect of testosterone-related hair fall as per latest Japanese research findings. All these factors indicate that Korean Ginseng can prove to be an effective natural solution for reducing hair fall and promoting healthy hair growth.


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