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Koreselect Energy: Immune Health 2021

Koreselect Energy: Immune Health 2021

As the year 2020 has finally come to an end, the year 2021 brings hope for the future.  With the hope of the new year comes opportunities to begin implementing new year’s resolutions to promote health and wellness.  Korea Ginseng Corp has created the best Korean Red Ginseng which is six-year-old grown, cultivated and harvested to provide the consumer with only the highest quality and potent ginseng supplements available today.  

The Korea Ginseng Corp has implemented a vertical integration system that allows for only the highest quality Korean Red Ginseng to be grown for six-years at which time it is consistently monitored, cultivated, harvested and distributed by experts whose sole purpose is to ensure the quality of the Korean Red Ginseng root.

Korean Red Ginseng:  Immune Health

The Korean Red Ginseng is a root that has been utilized for medicinal purposes for centuries as a modality to promote immune health and immune strength.  The particular components within the Korean Red Ginseng root have been proven by those practicing Eastern medicine to be especially essential in promoting immune function, while reducing infection and illnesses.  

The immune system is made up of two major components:  the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system.  The adaptive immune system is also known as the acquired immune system.  The innate immune system is the portion of the immune system that we each have at birth.  This portion of the immune system is entirely made up of barriers that prevent outside, unwanted pathogens such as bacteria and viruses from entering into the body and causing infection and illness. The largest of these barriers is the skin (Cobbin, 2014).  

The adaptive (acquired) immune system is the portion of the immune system that develops over time as we are exposed to more environmental factors.  As we age, we become exposed to more bacteria and viruses within the environment.  It is up to the immune system at this point to identify the pathogens and prevent them from entering the body and causing illness.  Once the immune system identifies these bacteria and viruses it begins to work overtime to eradicate them from the body to prevent infection.  If infection does ensue, it is the job of the adaptive (acquired) immune system to tightly regulate the immune response to eradicate the bacteria and/or virus as quickly as possible.  The adaptive (acquired) immune system also contains memory cells that allows for a faster immune response upon secondary exposure to the same bacteria and/or virus (Cobbin, 2014).

Koreselect Energy

The immune system is the determining factor of one’s health.  Therefore, if the immune system is not healthy or functioning at its highest capability, then the individual will be at increased risk for developing bacterial and/or viral infections.  Therefore, we must find ways to promote immune health and ensure that our immune system is functioning at its prime.  

Koreselect Energy is one of the products within the Koreselect collection that focuses directly on promoting immune health.  Koreselect Energy not only promotes immune health, but also stimulates energy sustainment while providing a kick start to the day.  Koreselect Energy promotes sustained energy while also improving focus and mental clarity.  Koreselect Energy contains only the finest blend of Eastern Asian herbs along with twice as potent Korean Red Ginseng.  Koreselect Energy is a product that offers great benefit for those who wish to take charge of their health and begin their personal journey to wellness.

Benefits Koreselect Energy

Promotes Immune Health

Sustained Energy

Fatigue Recovery

Stimulates Focus

Twice as potent Korean Red Ginseng

GMO Gree

Caffeine Free

All Natural

GMP Quality Standard


It is never too late to take charge of your health and wellness.  The new year is finally here, and this means it is a perfect time to start incorporating Koreselect Energy into your daily life so that you can begin to reap the benefits of sustained energy, fatigue recovery, immune health, mental clarity and more.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take charge of your health and prioritize your wellness for the future.

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