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Lifestyle & Food Intake Tips for Immune Health in 2021

Lifestyle & Food Intake Tips for Immune Health in 2021

As we all start a brand new year, it’s good to make being healthy and functioning at optimal levels, a priority for ourselves.

Maybe you’re on the healthcare frontlines. Or, maybe you’re working from home or homeschooling your kid(s). Whatever the case may be, your world needs you healthy, and a big part of that is having a robust immune system.

Well, here’s some good news—while there’s no particular magic health pill, there are some great, all-natural ways that you can boost your immune system up, and keep it up. With them, you can strive to make 2021 your best year—health-wise—yet!

Eat Healthily

We should never underestimate the power of immune-boosting foods. Choosing whole, unprocessed foods can do wonders for your overall health.

Some great choices are:

Prebiotic foods: Having robust gut bacteria can help to protect us against infections. You can keep those bacteria healthy with prebiotics that contains fiber, specifically inulin fiber (a prebiotic fiber). Excellent sources of prebiotics are artichokes, bananas or plantains, asparagus, and Jicama root. Vitamin C-rich foods: Vitamin C has been long-known to boost people’s immunity systems. Although it is common for folks to reach for orange juice to get their vitamin C in, juices can contain a lot of sugar. Therefore, try getting your vitamin C directly from oranges, broccoli, kiwis, or cantaloupes. Antioxidant foods: Having higher levels of stress can lead to a lowered immune system, which can lead to you being more prone to illnesses. Fruits and vegetables including berries, carrots, and spinach, are rich in antioxidants that can protect you against oxidative stress. That, in turn, can translate into having a stronger immune system.

Monitor Your Lifestyle Choices

Monitor Your Lifestyle Choices

If you’re like most people, you live with a certain amount of stress in your life. Even if you experience lower levels of stress—if you’re living with it day in and out, it can cause the body to produce too many stress hormones.

Over time, elevated stress levels (caused by those stress hormones) can lower your resistance to fighting off infections and may also contribute to having poor sleep periods.

However, if you are experiencing elevated stress, you can bolster your immune system with a few lifestyle tweaks:

Sleep: Yes, getting proper sleep periods can sometimes seem easier said than done (especially if you’re an insomniac or have kids). But here’s the deal—making sleep a priority in your life can help in supporting your immune health.

Meditation: Even if you get a few minutes of meditation a day, or simply sit somewhere quiet and focus on your breathing, these can both make a big difference in your life. Meditation and breathing exercises can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, as well as reduce overall levels of anxiety. Plus, they’re calming. So, it’s not surprising that these can also help with having restful sleep periods.

Exercise: An regular exercise regimen can promote your body’s resilience so that you can better fight off infections. Our bodies can function better when we’re physically active every day. Try to carve out at least 10 minutes (ideally 30 minutes) to do a mixture of cardio and strength training, every other day.

Ginseng Supplements—Koreselect Immune

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