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Men’s Health Month: Guard Your Skin at the Gym

Men’s Health Month: Guard Your Skin at the Gym

Well, National Men’s Health Month is upon us—after all, it’s the month of June. And what better way to celebrate men than to share some helpful tips on men’s health such as ways to take care of their health. This can include starting a new workout plan or taking new supplements, such as ginseng supplements.

During the warmer months, many men are focused on getting into shape and losing a few pounds, or making some gains as far as muscle mass goes. No one is going to argue that working out is bad for you. However, there are a lot of elements lurking around in fitness centers that can harm your skin, such as bacteria and fungus.

Different forms of bacteria and fungus are everywhere within gyms. Both of these bad elements thrive in moist environments and because you and everyone else around you are sweating their butts off in the gym, it’s a truly wild environment for both bacteria and fungi to run wild. Not just on the equipment either—on your body too, which can lead to a variety of skin issues.

Consider these simple tips to help you live a happier, healthier, and longer life, plus maintain healthy skin.

Wipe Down Gym Equipment Before and After Use

Don’t assume you're living in an ideal world where every person before you has wiped down the equipment you’re about to use. Most gyms are pretty good about providing wipes to sanitize equipment, but if yours doesn’t—use that extra towel you’re now carrying around with you.

Wipe every piece of gym equipment down before you use it and after (it’s called proper gym etiquette). Forgetting to wipe is the most surefire way to transfer germs from your environment to your skin.

Wear Flip-Flops in Gym Locker Rooms

smiling man putting his bag inside his locker

We’ve all seen guys walking around in the gym locker rooms barefooted—just casually strolling around without a care in the world. But they’re doing it all wrong. Why? Because fungi are everywhere, especially locker room floors.

Locker room floors typically have tile floors. The little nooks and crannies between those tiles are ideal places for bacteria and fungi to flourish and multiply. When your bare feet come into contact with these types of floors, they can pick up these bad elements.

What’s more, the different types of fungi and bacteria that thrive in these sweaty, hot, and moist areas don’t always stay there. They can attach themselves to anything they come into contact with. So always keep your gym bags and other equipment (such as towels) up on benches, not the floor in order to reduce your chances of contamination, and not take these bad elements home with you.

Hair Products Can Cause Irritation during Workouts

man working out in a smith machine

It’s okay if you’re a guy who likes sporting your latest hairstyle while working out at the gym. But always be mindful of what kind of hair products you have in your hair, particularly if you use heavier ones like pomades.

As you exercise and sweat, water-based hair products can melt and run down your face, which in turn can clog pores and cause acne on your face, neck, and shoulders.

You have a few ways to remedy this. Either switch your hair product for something lighter weight like a salt spray or don’t wear any at all while you’re working out. Also, during your post-workout shower, make sure you clean off your face and shoulders well.

Cheong Kwan Jang Brand Korean Red Ginseng

With the above concerns in mind, consider taking a natural supplement to provide stimulant-free energy, as well as strengthen the immune system. It can also help your skin because it may help to increase your blood circulation. 

Hong Sam Won Plus Korean red ginseng premium energy drink features red ginseng extract (360mg) and reishi mushrooms. It has six natural herbal ingredients, no caffeine, no artificial colors, it’s non-GMO, and vegan friendly.

It’s also perfect for families who want to boost their health with red ginseng products that have a mild flavor. Drink one to two pouches daily.

Hong Sam Won Plus Pouches and Box on white table and background

For the best Korean red ginseng, try Cheong Kwan Jang ginseng supplements and change your life!

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