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What are Saponins? How they work to promote immunity as components of Korean Red Ginseng

What are Saponins? How they work to promote immunity as components of Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng is a specialized type of ginseng that has been used as a means to promote health and well-being for centuries by professionals across the world. The Korea Ginseng Corp prides itself in the production of the Korean Red Ginseng; because to get this product to market it takes 6 years to grow, cultivate and harvest.  It is with this time, that the root undergoes an extensive process that allows for the nutrients and other components to mature into their most beneficial properties. 

While there are many different components within the Korean Red Ginseng that offer great benefit to the mind and body, there is one group known as saponins that offer many benefits that promote health and wellbeing. 

What are Saponins? 

Saponins are naturally occurring phytochemicals that are found in Korean Red Ginseng. These saponins are actually a form of steroid that have a very unique characteristic. The saponins actually foam when this steroid is mixed with water.  Saponins in general are known to promote the immune system while also promoting anti-inflammatory properties.  Many different studies have been conducted on saponins to determine the extensiveness of their benefits.  Saponins have been found to promote anti-bacterial properties as well, which promotes the destruction of bacteria and viruses.  This paired with the boosting of the immune system, the result is very beneficial to those who are interested in promoting their own health and well being by consuming products such as Korean Red Ginseng which are known to have these components.  Other studies have shown that saponins reduce cholesterol levels, which indirectly reduces the incidence of obesity and in return reduces the entirety of co-morbidies that come with elevated body mass indices.  The saponins that are specifically within the Korean Red Ginseng have been shown to reduce total cholesterol and the bad cholesterol (LDL). The saponins do this by binding directly with the bile salts.  When the saponins bind with the bile salts the result is reduction in total and bad cholesterol. The result is promotion of cardiovascular health (Picincu, 2018).

Saponins promote immune health by stimulating the production of T lymphocytes. Saponins also promote antioxidant activity that prevent oxidative stress which occurs because of oxygen free radical formation. This helps to prevent formation of tumors that can promote the formation of cancer.  These are just a few of the health benefits that are currently being researched (Picincu, 2018).

According to a recent clinical study that looked at ginsenosides (saponins) found in Korean Red Ginseng, found that these saponins were active in wound healing especially in burn patients. Burns create an entire inflammation cascade, and these saponins work to promote angiogenesis which results in wound healing at a faster rate compared to those who had burns and were not receiving saponins (Kimura, 2006).

A separate clinical study looked at saponins and their effect on inflammatory conditions within the human body with specific focus on autoimmune diseases.  This study concluded that three specific ginsenosides within the Korean Red Ginseng promoted immune health and reduced inflammation. These ginsenosides Rb1, Rc and Rb2 were shown to be beneficial in therapeutic management of chronic inflammation diseases and autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis (Mehari, 2014).  


While, Korean Red Ginseng is not a treatment for any medical condition, it does have components within its naturally occurring root that promotes immune health and well-being in a hollistic way.  Only the best Korean red ginseng is sold by Korea Ginseng Corp.  With a variety of ginseng products such as teas, candies, extracts, and more, Korea Ginseng Corp offers a great selection of ginseng foods and supplements which can help you support your immune system and live your best life

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