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What Makes CheongKwanJang Ginseng Different?

What Makes CheongKwanJang Ginseng Different?

Korean Red Ginseng can help support healthy diet and exercise.

Korea Ginseng Corp sells the best Korean red ginseng.  Our product is differentiated from other ginseng products on the market due to the high quality of ingredients and processing method we use in our ginseng products which range from teas to skincare to supplements and elixirs.  We only use Korean Red Ginseng which has undergone a special process to retain a high level of minerals and nutrients. 

We Use the Finest Nutrient-Rich Korean Red Ginseng

We only use the finest Korean Red Ginseng in our ginseng products.  Korean Red Ginseng is a type of ginseng that has benefits compared to ginseng roots from other parts of the world.  Our Korean Red Ginseng roots have been grown for six years before harvesting.  With such a delayed harvest, the ginseng has time to ripen and develop many different nutrients and compounds which lend Korean Red Ginseng its excellent health benefits.  Initially, Korean ginseng is harvested as a fleshy root, and then steamed and dried, which not only brings out the ginseng root’s maximum amount of compounds, nutrients, and minerals, gives the ginseng a glassy, red appearance.  Ginseng’s red appearance after this processing is what lends Korean Red Ginseng its name.

Korean Red Ginseng Boasts Excellent Health Benefits

The health benefits of our Korean Red Ginseng have been backed by science to improve immune functioning and memory and cognitive function.  Due to its nutrient-rich nature, Korean Red Ginseng contains many antioxidant compounds which bind toxic free radicals found in the body’s cells.  This means that Korean Red Ginseng protects the body from oxidative stress which can cause disease.

A Variety of Ginseng Products for Everyone

At Korea Ginseng Corp, we sell many different products that contain Korean Red Ginseng, including teas, foods, tonics, skincare, and other products. 

Food and Drink: We sell Korean Red Ginseng Tea which is available in an instant form which contains not only Korean Red Ginseng but is available in delicious fruit flavors such as pomegranate and plum.  Other products include ginseng sore throat candy and instant latte mix.  Needing the health benefits of ginseng on the go?  Just add hot or cold water to one of our instant ginseng tea or latte mixes for an energy boost that helps power you through your busy day.

Supplement: We offer a variety of supplements containing Korean Red Ginseng which can support immune health, memory and cognition, and provide an energy boost.  Korean Red Ginseng extract pills contain a high concentration of Korean Red Ginseng in an easy-to-swallow pill form. Ginseng is also sold in a liquid extract form in delicious on the go shot packet and drinks.  Our vast assortment of pills, drinks, and ginseng extracts set us apart from the competition and can help you meet your health goals.

Skincare: Our skincare line contains the best Korean Red Ginseng to support anti-aging processes and help skin feel softer and smoother.  Our exclusive skincare line, Donginbi, includes cleansers, serums, exfoliators, and moisturizers.  We also offer eye and lip care, sun care, and hand creams.  Achieve true beauty from the inside out with our ginseng skincare line.

Roots:  For those who want to obtain the great health benefits of Korean Red Ginseng directly from the source, we sell whole-root, premium Korean Red Ginseng in different grades.  The grading of Korean Red Ginseng is based on its internal structure, shape, color, and appearance.

Korea Red Ginseng Corp offers an unparalleled selection of ginseng products at affordable prices.  We frequently offer promotions on our website, which you can use for an additional discount.  We offer free shipping on orders $99+, so buy in bulk and save!

Korea Ginseng Corp

Korea Ginseng Corp sells the best products to support your overall health.  Korea Ginseng Corp offers Korean Red Ginseng products in the form of delicious and healthy teas, candies, tonics, and more that can help you power through your day in a healthy and sustainable fashion.  Korea Ginseng Corp’s skincare line, Donginbi, offers a variety of products to your keep skin looking young and healthy as well.

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