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CheongKwanJang Happy New Year Promotion 2023

Celebrate The Start of the Year with CheongKwanJang

To celebrate a Happy New year we are offering a special promotion on our Jin Go Daily Korean Red Ginseng Sticks. This Korean red ginseng & honey paste is the perfect way to give you a boost anytime you need it. In addition to the many benefits of Korean ginseng and honey, the Jin Go Daily Stick contains a proprietary herbal blend of Poria Mushroom Extract and Rehmannia Root Extract.

Offer#1: Get 20% Discount and Free Shipping when you buy 2 or more of our Jin Go Daily Korean Red Ginseng Sticks 

Use Promo Code: NEWYEAR23


Stay healthy and energized with CheongKwanJang!

※Promotion ends on 1/12/2023

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