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GoodBASE Pouch

Your daily natural fruit revitalizers with our Good BASE Korean Red Ginseng with Natural Fruits in a Pouch. It is made in pouch form so that it is easily consumable. 

  • Pomegranate (Perfect for Women)
    • The benefits of Pomegranate: due to its punicalagin content, Pomegranate has impressive Anti-Inflammatory Effects, Great for Skin
  • Aronia (Perfect for Eye Health, as known as Chokeberry)
    • The benefits of Aronia Berries: due to its rich in Anthocyanin, fiber and vitamin C, Aronia eases stress on your eyes, organ health, and improve insulin sensitivity. 
  • Blueberry (Superfood)
    • The benefits of Blueberry: Rich in Fibers, low in calories, lots of vitamins and minerals to increase antioxidant effectiveness.
  • Black Garlic (Perfect for Men)
    • The benefits of Black Garlic: Rich in Iron, Allicin and Vitamin B, Black Garlic is beneficial for increased testosterone, increase in digestion, and recovery in fatigue.
    • What is Black Garlic? How do we make Black Garlic?
      • Experienced technicians monitor heat and humidity for three weeks, store in racks to cool and dry over one week
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